Hello there, we’re team Cake! ✌️

We’re a fully remote team of +20 people spread across 4 countries,
all working together to build technology that improves the financial well-being of every consumer.

📣 Our manifesto

We’re headed towards a world in economic crisis where negative interest is becoming commonplace; Today, it feels like a better idea to stuff your money under a mattress than to leave it in your bank account. We are being charged by banks for basic services left and right, often masked by complex wording and opaque fee structures.

We believe personal banking can drastically improve.

Has your bank ever reached out to you when times were rough to help with your personal finances?

Are there any banks out there that truly care if you’re saving enough for a rainy day, or have you found one that provides personalized suggestions on how to reduce your spending or increase your income?

Most of the time they don’t, unless you are rich.

Did you know that thirteen million Europeans fall below the poverty line despite having full-time jobs?

About 14% of working-age Europeans cannot afford to get together with friends or family over a drink at least once a month, and one out of three people are unable to face unexpected financial expenses.

 We believe we can make a difference.

Our crew of highly-motivated individuals are seeking to challenge this status quo, working together to make personal banking 10x better than it is today.

Most of us are former suppliers or employees of well-known legacy banks, frustrated by the lack of true innovation in the space and inspired to create a better future.

We believe that through technology, we can make a difference.

We are convinced that if we focus on building something that has a positive impact on the financial lives of everyday people, we will create something of value.


This is why we started building Cake.

We exist to improve the financial well-being of the everyday consumer.

Our mission is to become the leading software technology provider that analyzes financial data to help people better understand, control and improve their finances, supported by a business model that shares its revenue with our users.

We, are team Cake. ✌️

Our company values

👀 Lead in the open

The financial sector is notoriously obscure and typically communicates the important stuff through endless pages of tiny letters that practically require a law degree to understand. We disagree with these practices and take initiative to being the change we want to see.

When people receive information from us and interact with us we do it in an open, understandable and honest way. We build trust through transparency, communicate clearly and don’t hide behind ambiguity; both internally and externally.

We are here to lead and we will do so openly and publicly. Always.

🏄 Craft your own cubicle

Our work is an integrated part of our lives that fuels our personal fulfillment and adds purpose.

Collectively, we are in charge of creating the best job we’ve ever had. We try our best to avoid all meaningless, mundane and annoying parts of typical work environments.

Working long hours is not encouraged, nor is being busy celebrated. Being tired is not a badge of honor. We enjoy the freedom to grow professionally and search for the place on Earth where we are the happiest and most productive.

🧗 Just getting started

At whatever stage you think we are, realize it’s just the beginning.

We are crafting a legacy of exceptional achievements and memories. We set near-impossible milestones and swing for the fences. Whatever goal you have in mind, think bigger and let’s continuously try to create an even more spectacular story, together.

“I can’t believe you guys pulled that off” is our favorite sentence to hear.

📼 Be kind, rewind

Most companies have a “no-asshole rule”.

Although that’s a good start, we believe this is a very low bar to set.

People who work at our company go beyond that. We strive to do the right thing for others, even when it’s extra work and especially when it’s hard to do.
We are in the business of creating value and someone else should never lose for us to win.

Integrity matters.

📢 Speak up

We give 1-1 feedback through fearless and direct communication.

Criticism triggers our humble curiosity rather than make us deploy our defensive shields. We open our minds to all opinions and don’t hold back on sharing our own, especially when they’re unpopular or hard to discuss.

Political correctness should never prevent us from getting the message across.

🐒 Keep it simple

Small teams can create the most amazing outcomes by doing less, better and faster. We hire only when it hurts and when possible we automate every process through technology.

We don’t need to be the end-all of everything and not every feature needs to be built. We lazer-focus on specific simple goals that have the biggest impact.

Our competitive advantage lies in the speed at which we can deliver value to the world around us.

👊 Own it!

Owning it is about taking initiative and doing what needs to be done.

It’s about taking responsibility, and not assuming it’s someone else’s problem. It’s the opposite of passing the buck. It means more than just doing our job and being accountable for our results. It includes an obligation to make things better, to pursue excellence, and to do things in ways that further us towards our Vision.

🥳 Spread a little joy

Life is too short to be serious all the time.

We love acting like a fool and laughing out loud until our belly hurts and our eyes tear up. Cherish the smallest moments and celebrate every success, big or small. Random acts of happiness put smiles on our faces. ❤️

👋 Meet the founders

Peter Van Hees

Peter Van Hees

Head of Product

Previously Senior Innovation Officer at KBC Bank in Belgium.
He led the bank’s main innovation projects including their mobile-first strategy.

Jessica Ruelens

Jessica Ruelens

Head of Data Science

Analyst with 9 years of international experience within finance, retail and telco.
Top 5 finalist as ICT lady of the year 2016, keynote speaker and guest lecturer at the University of Leuven.

Yves Bovin

Yves Bovin

Head of Legal

Over 20 years of experience in the financial sector.
Former CEO and co-founder of TradersOnly, a Dutch online broker.
Got the license from the Belgian regulator for Value Square.

Tom Claus

Tom Claus

Head of Business Development

Early team member of Mobile Vikings (acquired by Medialaan) who was in charge of their community platform, cashback and digital loyalty products.

Pieter Schelfhout

Pieter Schelfhout

Head of Engineering

IT Architect with excellent technical, functional and project management skills. Managed online & mobile banking, corporate lending and customer onboarding projects at KBC Bank.

Davy Kestens

Davy Kestens


Serial entrepreneur with international experience in growing his previous startup to over 100 people across multiple offices, raising +$45m in venture capital funding.