Cake for Banks is expanding

By Sophie Docx

Expansion follows successful launch with Argenta


After a successful open banking integration of the Cake cashback platform in Argenta’s app, Cake for Banks is ready to expand to other European banks.   


The Belgian banking app Cake allows accounts from different banks to be managed in an intuitive way via one bank-independent app. It gives users automated and proactive insights into their income and spending. It also ensures bank accounts pay their way by, among other things, offering automatic cashbacks and sharing revenue with users. 

The Cake cashback platform is also available for integration into existing banking apps through Cake for Banks. 

Davy Kestens, CEO of Cake: “Integrating our off-the-shelf solution requires a relatively small technical effort on the part of banks. We take the burden off banks completely: not only do we build and maintain the cashback platform, we also conclude and manage commercial deals with the discount and promotion providers.”     

Successful integration into Argenta app

At the beginning of August, the first integration into an existing banking app became a reality. Under the name “Mooi meegenomen van Cake”, all Argenta customers aged 16 and above can opt to receive small refunds for purchases made using their Argenta account at Cake’s partners, such as Torfs, ZEB and Foodmaker. Once customers have activated the service, everything runs automatically in the Argenta app. No further action is required. 

This collaboration with Cake is a first step in Argenta’s Open Banking framework. Since PSD2, this is also the first Belgian open banking cooperation between a bank and a TPP (Third Party Provider) that offers an additional service to consumers.

Marc Lauwers, CEO of Argenta: “Since its launch, 70,000 customers have already activated “Mooi Meegenomen van Cake”. That is more than we expected. Our customers are price-conscious so we are delighted to be able to offer them this service. In this way, we make our offerings even more attractive to a wide audience, especially young people. Moreover, Cake focuses on local partners, which fits in nicely with our sustainable approach.”

Expansion supported by Sopra Banking Software

This cashback solution is also available via the Marketplace of Sopra Banking Software (SBS). Through this portal, banks and other financial institutions can implement innovative solutions based on Sopra Banking Software’s powerful, versatile products. Argenta also works with SBS. This marked the beginning of Cake’s further expansion into other European banks.

At the end of September, the Cake app will also be launched in the Netherlands with a cashback offer from Dutch retailers and brands. Discussions are also underway with Dutch banks about integrating the Cake cashback platform into existing banking apps. 

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Cake was founded in early 2019 by tech entrepreneur Davy Kestens together with 5 experienced co-founders. The start-up received a licence from the National Bank of Belgium (NBB) on 9 July 2019 and now employs 25 people. 
The free banking app Cake was launched in early 2020. The app allows its users’ to make their bank accounts profitable again by giving automatic cashbacks on purchases and sharing revenue. It also analyses financial data to help users better understand, control and improve their finances. There are 140,000 users and more than half a million euros worth of Rewards have already been paid out.

Cake for Business is a marketing platform that, thanks to the processing of Cake users’ anonymized purchasing behavior, offers unique opportunities to reach (potential) customers with promotions and obtain accurate and real-time insights and statistics about their market, competitors and customer segments. 

With Cake for Banks, Cake offers white-label solutions to integrate Cake cashbacks into existing banking apps.


Sophie Docx
Head of Marketing & Communications