Fill up even cheaper at Lukoil? A Piece of Cake.

By Sophie Docx

Starting this week, you can’t miss it in Lukoil’s 180 gas stations: the campaign for the Belgian banking app Cake.


LDV United designs co-branding campaign Cake and Lukoil

Partners of the first hour

The innovative free banking app Cake allows to easily manage bank accounts from different banks from one neutral app. Users also get proactive automatic insights about their finances across different bank accounts and banks. In addition, they are also financially rewarded for using the app. Cake shares a part of its monthly revenue with its users. Moreover, by using the app and making purchases from Cake’s commercial partners, these users can also enjoy Cake Rewards: automatic cashbacks deposited into their bank account linked to Cake.

Lukoil is such a commercial partner of Cake. And has been since the app was launched last year. On top of Lukoil’s cheap prices, Cake app users can enjoy an additional discount. For every payment from €30* with a bank account linked to Cake, users will receive a cash refund through the Cake Rewards.

“At Lukoil, we are always looking for ways to attract new customers and reward existing customers for their loyalty. Cake offers a unique platform that gives our customers an immediate benefit on top of the low Lukoil prices.”, says Els Ruyssen, Marketing Manager of Lukoil.

Growing stronger together with LDV United

The co-branding campaign was developed by Antwerp-based LDV United. They had previously helped Cake with its name, logo, slogan and positioning. 

Lukoil’s 180 Belgian filling stations were provided with banners, posters and leaflets. Each with a clear message with a typical Cake twist.

Sophie Docx, Head of Marketing & Communications at Cake adds “LDV United has an unmatched feel for our brand. Once again, they immediately knew how to find the right tone in this co-branding campaign.”

The campaign continues through the end of March.


Cake / Sophie Docx
Head of Marketing & Communications

LDV United / Harry Demey
CEO / Brand Inspirator

*Note: Cake Reward offers are always personally tailored and subject to change. Always check your Cake app for the current offers and conditions.