Help your customers save money on everyday purchases

Get more engagement from your customers within your digital channels and increase customer satisfaction with instant cashback offers, without coupons or loyalty cards.

Cake for Banks
Cake for Banks Rewards

Add a new revenue stream on top of your bank accounts

Earn revenue when your customers earn. Our platform generates revenue on top of your existing payment accounts via a commission-sharing model.

Deliver personalized offers through our fully managed cashback platform.

Our solution

A white-labeled frictionless cashback rewards service, based on PSD2, with minimal required integration efforts and lead times.

Make your customers’ bank accounts pay off again

Bank charges are compensated to the customer and they can even earn a nice extra.

On average, active users of the cashback platform earn about 3 to 5 euros every month.

Business Offers

Generate an additional source of income

Earn commissions on purchases made by your customers in the Cake partner network.

Cake for Banks generates an average of €168,000 in additional annual revenue per 100,000 bank accounts.

No sales, administrative or maintenance efforts 

  • Get access to over 100 major and local retail partners and brands from day one.
    As a bank, you simply choose which brands and offers you want to present to your customers.
  • Cake does the complete management of this partner network via Cake for Business. The European sales and account management team provides new attractive offers on a weekly basis.
  • Cake takes care of the entire B2B sales cycle, all administrative tasks and campaign management. There is no need to build up a new sales, support or invoicing team. This allows you to focus on your core banking business.
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Plug & Play

  • No complex technical integration is required. Through the existing PSD2 connection, Cake can process and analyze account and transaction data for any retail bank account. 
  • Customers can sign up for cashback discounts through your own banking application and give permission to assign Cake as a data processor and handle cashback payouts.
  • Our dedicated cashback API allows for easy integration into any banking application. This allows for custom UI/UX integration by the bank for maximum brand consistency.
  • Cake processes the data and matches relevant cashback offers to customers who have signed up. 
  • As soon as customers make purchases from a partner brand, they are immediately and automatically rewarded for their purchases at the time the transaction happens. Cake also takes care of this processing.
Banks no admin

Reliable solution with proven results

  • Belgian bank Argenta, with over 1.71 million customers, chose Cake’s plug-and-play cashback API. This allows them to offer their customers an additional service while generating an additional revenue stream.

Secure & compliant

  • Licensed and under continuous supervision of the National Bank of Belgium.
  • Fully compliant with PSD2, GDPR and privacy regulations.
  • No personally identifiable information is shared with third parties.
  • We only work with certified security partners.
  • Supported by Sopra Banking Software and available through the SBS Marketplace.