Why we decided to make our roadmap public

By Benoit Billington

At Cake, we believe that the only way to make a material difference in the financial world is to be radically honest and transparent about everything we do and build. That’s why we’re opening up as much as possible about our inner workings. Our roadmap is one of those things.

Development roadmaps for products and services are most often synonymous with obscure secretive plans.🕵️‍♀️ Certainly in the financial world. The detailed strategies that map out the vision and direction of product offerings are most of the time only available to people who signed strict non-disclosure contracts.

Yet most of the features on roadmaps are usually recycled ideas. The term “innovation” has become the canned response of executives. We are more than ever convinced that “innovation” has become the meaningless buzzword of the decade in the world of business. Do you remember a truly innovative feature that was launched in the European financial sector in the past decade? 🤔

We are under the impression that this secretive atmosphere is often maintained to conceal long and slow product development cycles.🐌

At Cake, we believe that in today’s highly obscure financial world, the only way to make a material difference is to be radically honest and transparent about everything we do and build.💡 That’s why we’re opening up as much as possible about our inner workings.🔍 Our roadmap is one of those things.

We don’t claim that all of our ideas are fundamentally new. In our mission to improve the financial well-being of our users, we take great pride in salvaging and repackaging existing ideas by looking at them from a different perspective and by adding new ideas. We want to rewrite the rules in the financial sector.

Please consider our roadmap as a living organism.👾 In order to be able to react to changing market trends and opportunities, our priorities need to remain as flexible as possible.🏃‍♂️🏃‍♀️💨 We can change our product development cycles in days, hours, or even minutes if necessary.⏱

It’s true that our with opening our roadmap, banks and future competitors (Hello there! 🖐) all have access now as well. But our focus on our users and our belief in transparency are much more important.

We believe there are a number of important advantages with opening up our roadmap:

  • Our current and future users, our commercial partners, investors and stakeholders all know what to expect. Our open roadmap enables them to envision our future.🌟
  • Users can express expectations while things are still in development, and help steer us in the right direction.🧭 You can even add new ideas to our roadmap or vote on feature ideas of others. This will allow us to build products people want, faster.
  • It’s now known by anyone what we are currently working on. If there are timeline or priority changes, they become fully transparent to everyone. There is no need for additional explanation. It creates a company-wide alignment on what our development goals are and enables us to easily communicate the (re)prioritization of multiple features.📢
  • And last but not least, the published features on our roadmap add pressure to deliver.🔥 We have assembled a strong team with personalities that operate best under pressure.🧯

So everything we’re working on is out in the open. Please check it out at feedback.cake.app and let us know if you have ideas on how we can improve Cake in the future.

Share it with us. Submit it. Vote on existing ideas, and join the discussion.

Let’s build the best banking app in the world, together! 🤗