Market insights and campaigns for retailers and brands

We help retailers and brands to better understand their market, and reward potential and existing customers based on their shopping behaviour.

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Cake for Business

Unique understanding of consumers

We are a certified payment institution with the National Bank of Belgium. We have built the Cake banking app to make daily consumer banking profitable again. At the same time this enables us to access and process the anonymized financial banking data of the users of the Cake banking app.

We are offering a marketing platform that enables you to better understand your current and potential customers and create a positive instant impact, by financially rewarding (new) customers who shop at your stores.

Cake Campaigns

Attract new customers and
reward loyal customers

Drive traffic to your store or brand by acquiring  new customers and  increase loyalty through personalized cashback offers. Target potential and existing customers in real-time with unprecedented accuracy based on their historical shopping behaviour.

Unique targeting based on actual shopping behaviour.

Pay for results only.

We set-up your account. No technical integration needed.

How Cake Campaigns work

  1. Cake sets up your account.
  2. Define your customer segment and the financial reward you want to offer.
  3. Set a budget cap and fund your campaign. No license, no set-up fees.
Albert Hein
Albert Hein

Albert Heijn wants to give 5% cashback to all individuals who have not shopped at Albert Heijn in the last 3 months but have spent > €200 at Jumbo or Lidl.


AVA wants to give 10% cashback on the first shopping basket for customers who haven’t been to AVA in the last 3 months.


Eneco wants to give €50 to new customers who have their electricity bill at a competitor brand.

  1. Every targeted Cake user will be notified that they will receive a cashback for their loyalty or new purchases at your store(s).
  2. After their purchase they will automatically be rewarded at the moment of transaction, directly onto their bank account, resulting in instant gratification.
  3. No cure, no pay. You only pay when a purchase is made.

Cake Insights

Get to know your customers
and monitor your market

You know when and how much  your customers spend with you. We help you understand when, where and how they spend elsewhere by tracking the aggregated and anonymized financial transactions of customers.  But also track your brand’s key KPIs in real-time across the industry and against your competitors. See your target audiences’ average income- and spending behaviour across categories. behaviour.

Real-time insights.

Based on millions of anonymized transactions

Insights without limits

total number of users
processed transactions
total transactions value

How Cake Insights work

  1. There is no need for technical integration. Cake sets up your account for the Cake for Business platform in a matter of hours.
  2. You pay a monthly subscription fee to access the platform.
  3. You’ll have unlimited access to all real-time dashboards based on the aggregated and anonymized transactional data of Cake users.
  4. If you’re in need of custom reports, dashboards or you need in-depth analysis, Cake’s data scientists can analyse the data for you.
  5. Active Cake users receive every month a share of the income we generate from Cake insights. Thanks to Cake they can monetize their data.


How am I faring relative to my competitors?

Case Competitors

Who is winning and losing in a specific region or city?

Case Region

Where else do my customers shop?

Case Share

To whom am I losing customers and at what rate?

Case Churn
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Lieven Vanlommel

Cake intrigued us because it offers the opportunity to discover our customers’ behavioral patterns and that of like-minded people, in a well-founded, analytical way.
It is also a valuable tool for gaining insight into potential partnerships, and thereby it allows Foodmaker to explore how to offer its customers an even better experience.

Lieven Vanlommel
CEO, Foodmaker
Koen Vanweddingen
Director, AVA

At AVA, we are always looking for new ways to reward our customers for their loyalty.
Cake offers a new and unique platform that brings direct benefits to our customers and new insights to us as a retailer.

About Cake

Cake is a Belgian transactional data intelligence company. 

We are a certified payment institution with the National Bank of Belgium, building technology to make daily consumer banking profitable again. This license enables us to access and process the anonymized financial banking data of the users of the Cake banking app.