Every transaction tells a story

We analyse anonymised transactional data to help you better understand your market.
Increase your sales, track the true ROI of your marketing spend and learn from your best customers!

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    🚀 Take your marketing to the next level

    🤝 Get to know your customers

    You know how your customers spend with you.

    We help you understand your true customer persona, including when, where and how they spend elsewhere.

    🕵️ Monitor your market

    Accurately track your brand’s key KPIs in real-time across the industry and against your competitors.

    See your target audiences’ average income- and spending behaviour per retail category.

    🙋 Attract and reward loyal customers

    Acquire new customers & build loyalty through personalized offers.

    Target existing and potential customers with real time accuracy based on their shopping behavior!

    🗣️ Collect instant feedback

    Ever wanted to know why your best customers also shop at your competitor?

    Survey hyper-targeted segments of customers through transaction-linked micro-surveys.

    Lieven Vanlommel - CEO Foodmaker

    Cake intrigued us because it offers the opportunity to discover our customers’ behavioral patterns and that of like-minded people, in a well-founded, analytical way.

    It is also a valuable tool for gaining insight into potential partnerships, and thereby it allows Foodmaker to explore how to offer its customers an even better experience.

    Lieven Vanlommel
    CEO, Foodmaker

    At AVA, we are always looking for new ways to reward our customers for their loyalty.

    Cake offers a new and unique platform that brings direct benefits to our customers and new insights to us as a retailer.

    Koen Vanweddingen
    Director, AVA

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