10 reasons to set up a cashback campaign with Cake

By Tom Claus

Why set up a Cake cashback campaign for your store or brand? The question is not why, but rather why not? Wide reach and pay on performance ensure Cake campaigns have a solid ROI.

Here are no less than 10 reasons why a Cake campaign is a good idea.

  1. Extensive reach
    Cake cashback campaigns allow you to reach more than 120,000 consumers personally through their banking app. This number is growing every day.
  2. Precise target group selection
    Thanks to our partnership with banks, we can process consumers’ financial transaction data anonymously and target very specific segments based on actual purchase behavior. The targeting adapts in real time based on consumers’ purchasing behavior.
  3. Flexible cashback conditions
    Attract new customers? Reward loyal customers? A fixed amount or a percentage? Set a minimum purchase amount? You determine the conditions for your cashback campaign.
  4. For every campaign period
    You can set the duration of your campaign yourself: from a few weeks to a whole year. It’s all possible.
  5. Easy campaign set-up
    Setting up a campaign is a piece of cake. Discover how easy it is here.Β 
  6. No cure no pay
    There are no fixed costs for setting up the campaign. When someone in your target group and according to your conditions makes a purchase, Cake will automatically pay the cashback to your client. You only pay a commission per conversion.
  7. High ROI
    Previous campaigns have shown that for every euro invested in a cashback campaign, an average turnover of about 15 euros is realized. This can also be many times higher, as in this campaign of Mealhero.
  8. Real-time monitoring of results
    A dashboard on the Cake for Business platform allows the results of each campaign to be monitored in real time.
  9. Over 100 participating brands
    Cake works with more than 100 different brands and retailers. Are you curious about which campaigns they have set up and what the results were? Check out our case studies.
  10. Account managers and data analysts advise
    Our account managers and data analysts will help you set up the campaign, analyze the results and optimize the campaigns.

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