Case: cashback campaign Deliveroo

By Tom Claus

Cake campaigns allow companies to set up cashback campaigns for acquisition and/or loyalty with accurate targeting based on previous purchase behavior. We take a closer look at Deliveroo’s end-of-year campaign.

Deliveroo’s mission is to change the way people think about food delivery. They deliver the tastiest food from the best restaurants, plus all the local favorites – fast and straight to your door.

Deliveroo works with over 3000 restaurants in 25 Belgian cities.

The campaign

Deliveroo already had several Cake campaigns running. This case study takes a closer look at the acquisition campaign and the loyalty campaign that both ran from December 8 to December 31, 2021.

In the acquisition campaign, a discount was granted to new Deliveroo customers. These were defined as consumers who did not make any payments with Deliveroo in the past 3 months. The cashback discount these new users received on their first purchase was €15 on a payment of €30 or more. This campaign had one clear goal: to attract new customers with an incredible introductory offer.

In addition, a loyalty campaign was also running where anyone who had already made a payment with Deliveroo in the past received a cashback discount of €5 on every new purchase from €25.

Cake campaigns work on a no cure no pay basis. As a commercial partner, you only pay for the conversion of consumers who actually take up the cashback offer.

Results: Acquisition

Up to 1.1% conversion among new customers

With the targeting set by Deliveroo, nearly 120,000 consumers were shown Deliveroo’s cashback offer in their banking app. Of all users who received the offer, 0.51% proceeded to make a purchase. 

The Cake campaign dashboards allow for detailed and real-time follow-up of the campaign. Within the target group of 25-29 year olds, an average of even 1.1% proceeded to a purchase.

€45 Average shopping basket

The €15 discount was only valid on purchases of €30 or more. The average shopping basket of the new customers that took advantage of the offer was €45. 

Results: Loyalty

26.8% Conversion

Of all the users who received the loyalty offer, a whopping 26.8% proceeded to place another order with Deliveroo. 

4.5 ROAS

For Deliveroo, this loyalty campaign resulted in a ROAS (Return on Ad Spend) of 4.5. This means that for every €1 invested in the campaign, a turnover of €4.5 was realized.

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