Case: cashback campaign Fun

By Tom Claus

Cake campaigns allow retailers to set up cashback campaigns with accurate targeting based on historical purchase behavior. We zoom in on the campaign of Belgian toy retailer Fun.

The history of Fun began almost 100 years ago in Bruges. In the meantime Fun has grown into a household name for everything to do with toys, board games and party and garden articles. With 29 stores in Flanders and a webshop Fun has been an important player for years.

The campaign

We take a look at the cashback campaign that ran from December 10, 2021 to January 10, 2022. This campaign was targeted to all both existing and new customers. 

The cashback discount for new customers was 10% on a minimum spend of €50 for every purchase made during the campaign period. The discount was valid both in the stores and in the webshop.

There was also a loyalty campaign whereby everyone who had already made a payment with Fun in the past received a cashback discount of 5% on every new purchase from € 50.

Flexible targeting options

Each commercial partner determines for itself what the conditions are for receiving a cashback. This depends on their own objectives. Based on these conditions Cake will automatically screen all anonymized bank transactions. If, based on your transactions, you as a consumer belong to the pre-determined target group, you will see the cashback offer in your banking app.

Results: Acquisition

Reach of 110.000 consumers

With the targeting set by Fun, over 110,000 consumers received the cashback offer in their banking app.

Average shopping basket of €92.3

The average shopping basket of consumers who took advantage of the cashback offer was a whopping €92.3. This while the minimum purchase amount to be entitled to the cashback discount was only €50.

Market share shift during campaign period

Fun’s market share among the consumers who responded to the cashback offer exceeded 90% during the campaign period.

Repeat purchases

Almost a quarter of these new customers already made at least one additional purchase from Fun in the 6 weeks following the campaign, and this for ae amount of €67 per person.

ROAS 6.7

Cake works on a no cure no pay basis. As a commercial partner, you only pay for the conversion of customers who actually respond to the cashback offer. For Fun this resulted in a ROAS (Return on Ad Spend) of 6.7. This means that for every € 1 invested in the campaign, a turnover of € 6.7 was realized.

Conversions highest in the Bruges store

The Cake campaign dashboards allow for detailed and real-time campaign tracking, by age, family composition, store location, region and so on. For this campaign, the highest conversions were achieved in the Fun store in Bruges.

Up to 0.88% conversion

Of all consumers who received the offer, an average of 0.50% converted to a purchase. 

Most traffic was generated among 30-39 year olds. Of this age group, up to 0.88% responded to the cashback offer.

Results: Loyalty

Reach of almost 15.000 consumers

Nearly 15,000 consumers received Fun’s loyalty cashback offer in their banking app. This rewarded their loyalty.

4,2% conversion

Of all users who received the offer, 4.2% proceeded to make a new purchase at Fun within the next month. 

ROAS 13.3

This loyalty campaign resulted in an ROAS (Return on Ad Spend) of 13.3. This means that for every € 1 invested in the campaign, a turnover of € 13.3 was realized.

Average shopping basket of €95.7

The average shopping basket of the consumers who made use of the loyalty cashback was as much as €95.7. This is almost double the €50 minimum purchase amount that was set to benefit from the cashback.

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