Case: cashback campaign Mealhero

By Tom Claus

Cake campaigns allow businesses to set up acquisition and/or loyalty campaigns with accurate targeting based on historical purchase behavior. We take a closer look at the campaign of meal box provider Mealhero.

Mealhero, that’s meal boxes, but different. Mealhero wants to bring easy, healthy and varied food closer to couples. With the app, you choose from 40 varied and healthy freezer-fresh meals every week. The meals can be prepared fresh quickly and easily with the smart steamer. It recognizes the ingredients and recipes by scanning and determines how much time the ingredients need to be cooked. 

The campaign

This case study takes a closer look at Mealhero’s current acquisition campaign that started in September 2021 and is still running. The objective of the campaign is to convince consumers to sign up for a Mealhero subscription. 

In this campaign, a cashback discount is granted to new Mealhero customers. These are defined as consumers who have not made any payments with Mealhero in the past 3 months. The cashback these new users receive on their first order is €15 with a minimum purchase amount of €18. 

This campaign is accompanied by a loyalty campaign. This campaign aims to reward existing Mealhero users for their loyalty. They get a 2% cashback for every additional order over €100 within 3 months.

Each commercial partner sets its own conditions for granting a cashback discount. This depends on their own objectives. Based on these conditions Cake will automatically screen all anonymized bank transactions. If you as a consumer, based on your transactions, fall within the target group then you will see the cashback offer in your banking app.

Results: Acquisition

Reach of over 130,000 consumers

With the targeting set by Mealhero, more than 130,000 consumers have since seen Mealhero’s cashback offer in their banking app. 

Conversion rate highest among 30-34 year olds

The Cake campaign dashboards allow detailed and real-time monitoring of each campaign. Commercial partners can track conversions by region, lifestyle profile, age group, weekday, etc. Among 30-34 year olds, 0.16% have already subscribed to Mealhero.

€78.9 Average shopping basket

The average purchase amount of the first order of consumers using the cashback offer is €78.9.

69.8% repeat purchases

Of all the customers who placed their first order as a result of the campaign, almost 70% have already placed additional orders.

“Cake’s tool allows us to bring appropriate offers to the right people in a very targeted way. We quickly get insight into how everything is running and the no-cure-no-pay setup allows us to try out some out of the box stuff to see how it resonates with our target audience.”

Jeroen Spitaels, CEO & Co-founder Mealhero

Results: Loyalty

€149.7 Average shopping basket

The average purchase amount for Mealhero customers who met the conditions for the loyalty cashback is almost €150 and thus is nearly double the purchase amount of their first order.

33.3 ROAS

For Mealhero, this loyalty campaign results in an ROAS (Return on Ad Spend) of no less than 33.3. This means that for every €1 invested in the campaign, a turnover of €33.3 is realized.

An acquisition campaign combined with a loyalty campaign are a winning combo.

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