Setting up a Cake cashback campaign? A piece of cake!

By Tom Claus
Cake cashback

Drive traffic to your store or brand by acquiring new customers and increase loyalty through personalized cashback offers.

With the Cake cashback campaigns you can reach potential and existing customers in real-time, and with a unique accuracy based on their historical shopping behavior. 

Setting up a campaign is a piece of cake and you only pay for the results.

Campaign set-up

  1. Create your Cake for Business account.
  2. Determine the target audience you want to reach. Our partnership with banks allows us to process the anonumized financial transaction data from consumers create targeted cashback campaigns. 
  3. Determine the cashback discount you want to offer. A fixed amount or a discount percentage, anything is possible.
  4. Add your logo and a description.
  5. Determine the duration of your campaign. 
  6. Deposit an advance for the campaign on your Cake account.
  7. Through the dashboard, you can follow the progress of the campaign.
  8. An evaluation will follow after the campaign. 

Our account managers will guide you through the set-up. Cake handles all payouts and administrative processing.

No cure, no pay

There are no fixed fees or set-up costs. There is no charge for setting up the campaign. You only pay per actual conversion. Only when someone in your target market makes a purchase according to the terms, Cake will automatically transfer the cashback to your customer. 

Cake takes a commission on the cashback of each conversion within the target group.

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