Cake users already earned more than half a million euros

By Davy Kestens

Did you know that since Cake was launched, Cake users have already earned over half a million euros in Rewards?

Cake genuinely is the profitable banking app! Not only does it give you more insight into your budget, but it also makes you money, thanks to the Cake Rewards.

One and a half years of Cake in 10 facts!

🍰 €524,724, that’s the exact amount of Rewards we already paid out.

🍰 The Cake family has grown explosively in recent weeks.💥 You can now also activate Cake Rewards in the Argenta app! And that’s what a lot of Argenta customers did right away.
This is the evolution of linked bank accounts.👇 Impressive, isn’t it!

🍰 On average, a Cake user links 1.4 bank accounts to the Cake app.

🍰 We already processed more than 148 million transactions for a total value of a staggering 36 billion euros. 

🍰 There are already more than 80 Reward partners. Open Cake (or your Argenta app) and find out what offers are waiting for you! Currently there are offers from JBC, Torfs, ZEB, LUKOIL, MaxiZoo, Luminus, Eneco, Foodbag, Toychamp and many other partners. Check out our selection of the moment here

🍰 The most frequently paid out Reward is the one from LUKOIL.  

🍰 The highest paid out Reward was €114 for a purchase at Hubo.

🍰 The average amount per Reward paid out is €3.10.

🍰 There are 1462 users who each have already earned more than €50 in Cake Rewards. 

🍰 The Cake app is most often used on Mondays around 10am. When do you use the app?

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