Case study – Argenta bank

By Pieter Schelfhout

Belgian bank Argenta chose Cake’s plug-and-play cashback API. This allows them to offer their customers an additional service while generating an additional revenue stream.

Cake for Banks helps retail banks differentiate from their competitors while generating new revenue streams through the integration of an automated cashback program. 


Argenta Bank- en Verzekeringsgroep is a family bank-insurer with activities in Belgium and the Netherlands, serving 1.71 million customers. The banking activity is grouped around Argenta Spaarbank. 

Cashback platform

On August 9, 2021, Argenta launched Cake’s automated cashback platform in its Belgian app. Under the name “Mooi Meegenomen van Cake”, all Argenta customers (16 years and older) can choose to activate the service to receive small refunds on purchases they pay with their Argenta account at Cake’s partners such as Torfs, JBC, Foodmaker and AVA. Once customers have activated the refunds, everything occurs automatically in the Argenta app. So they don’t have to do anything.

Since its launch, 70,000 customers have already activated “Mooi Meegenomen van Cake”. That is more than we expected. Our customers are price-conscious so we are delighted to be able to offer them this service. In this way, we make our offerings even more attractive to a wide audience, especially young people. Moreover, Cake focuses on local partners, which fits in nicely with our sustainable approach.

Marc Lauwers, CEO Argenta


The cashback platform can be fully integrated white-labeled or feature Cake branding. Argenta chose to integrate the Cake branding within the service.

Full service

Cake handles the entire B2B sales cycle, all administrative workload and campaign management. There is no contact between the commercial partners and Argenta.

All cashback offers from the Cake app are offered with the same targeting and conditions to Argenta customers who have subscribed to the service. At launch, offers from over 80 different retailers and brands were immediately available in the app. Argenta chose not to include offers from banking and insurance products in its app.

Technical implementation

Through the existing PSD2 channels, Cake processes and analyzes the account and transaction data for each private Argenta bank account that the customer adds. This has a major advantage: the existing security implementations are reused and accordingly also meet all compliance and privacy requirements as imposed by the European Banking Authority  (EBA). 

The specially developed Offers & Rewards API for banking services ensures easy integration into any banking application. Among other things, this enables a customized UI/UX integration by the bank for maximum brand consistency and ease of use.


The full technical development and integration into the Argenta app took only 10 weeks. All due to the robust Cake APIs that are also used and tested by the Cake app itself. The close collaboration between the Cake team and the Argenta team ensured an extremely smooth process. 

The bank only needed to provide the necessary screens in its own app and could rely on Cake’s experience and expertise in this matter.


Cake for Banks is built in compliance with PSD2 and GDPR regulations. Cake is an authorized payment institution licensed by the National Bank of Belgium. 

Argenta customers can securely authorize Cake in their Argenta app to handle all cashback payments for them.


One month after launch, 50,000 Argenta customers already signed up for the service.