Available now: the 2021 “Meal Boxes in Belgium” report

By Tom Claus

Order now the “Meal Boxes in Belgium” report, with all the 2021 numbers. How did the market share of the different providers evolve? What is the impact on other food purchases? What is the impact on supermarkets? Who uses meal boxes?

The latest version of the Cake Insights report “Meal boxes in Belgium” is available as from today.
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This new version includes all numbers and analyses up to December 2021:

  • Share and evolution of meal boxes in total household expenditure 2020 vs 2021
  • Number of meal box users and its evolution 2020-2021
  • Average weekly spending on meal boxes and its monthly evolution for 2021
  • Market shares and its evolution for all meal box providers 2020-2021
  • Customer loyalty and share of wallet for biggest meal box providers 
  • User profiles by age and family composition, in total and by meal box provider
  • Share in total food expenditure (including supermarkets, restaurants, fast food, bakery, butcher, takeaway) and its monthly evolution 2020-2021
  • Impact on supermarket spending and its evolution 2020-2021: share of spending and share of wallet of key players (Delhaize, Carrefour, Colruyt)

The Cake Insights analyses are based on the aggregated and anonymized transaction data of Cake users. The sample is representative by gender and age for the Belgian population between 18 and 60 years old. 

The report is available in Dutch, French and English.

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