The Cake app will be discontinued after January 31.
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Your independent banking app

Cake Highlights
  • One free app to manage all your accounts

    One free app to manage all your accounts
  • Get a grip on your budget

    Get a grip on your budget
  • Earn some extra cash

    Earn some extra cash
  • Keep it private and secure

    Keep it private and secure

Get a share of our income every month

Your part of the cake, so to speak. Katsjing, some extra cash on that bank account, just because you are using the app.

Cake Dividend

Cake gives you automatic cashbacks on certain purchases. Automatic means without any coupons, discount vouchers or loyalty cards. Just cash. Deposited into the bank account of your choice.


Cake gives you useful insights into your spending behavior. You get a handy overview of how much you spend on clothing, restaurants, insurance, … but also how much you save and what your available budget is. Because measuring is knowing, and the more you know … the smarter you get!


When your bank account is connected to Cake, the app can automatically analyze your income and spending for you. You will get a super clear overview of all your transactions. With the exact merchant, logo, address and category.


You do not have to change banks or open a new bank account. Just bring all your existing bank accounts together by connecting them to Cake. And Cake is not only bank independent but also free!

Cake Dividend

We support all major banks

Connect any account you like to Cake. Supporting all major Belgian and Dutch bank accounts.
Expanding to the rest of Europe soon.

  • Revolut
  • N26
  • Revolut
  • N26

But tell me about numbers and amounts!

Cake in figures

total users
processed transactions
value of processed transactions
paid out to app users
average per user per month

Sounds cool.
But how does Cake make money?

We use your data.
No kidding.

Business modal app preview
Business modal app preview

It’s anonymous

We merge all your banking transactions with those of thousands of other Cake users. We separate these transactions from personal information such as your name or address. Then we aggregate the anonymized data to create reports and statistics. And we sell them to companies so they better understand what consumers are spending their money on.

A piece of the cake

Because your data is processed, together with all the other Cake users’ data, we believe you should get something for this. And that’s why we share our revenue every single month with all active Cake users. That’s your share of the cake.

Cashback Rewards

We also earn money with the cashback Rewards. Each time a Cake user receives a cashback Reward, the trader also pays us a piece for using the Cake platform. After all, it is thanks to Cake the purchase happened.

I want to be absolutely sure…

Is privacy and security well taken care of?

Privacy and security
are the basis of
everything we do.
It’s as simple as that.
Privacy and Security Security Privacy
We are an official payment institution licensed and supervised by the National Bank of Belgium.

Our technology is just as secure as other European banking institutions.

We don’t like small print. We go for transparency and clear communication. About what we do and what we don’t do. Our terms and conditions and privacy policy are easy to understand, with no surprises and no small print.

And of course, any Cake user can delete his account and all data at any time with just a few clicks in the app.

We are a member of Ombudsfin and PayBelgium.

I still have some questions…

We have the answers

And who’s behind Cake?

This is team Cake