A baby on the way? How to keep things affordable!

By Sophie Docx

Expectant mums can be overwhelmed by that seemingly endless list of essential baby items. How can you keep things affordable?

From trendy babygrows, colourful swaddle blankets, high-tech baby monitors and “odourless” nappy bins, to 2in1, 3in1 or 4in1 pushchairs. Mums- and dads-to-be certainly have a lot on their plate! But what do you really need and how can you keep it affordable? That old cliché that having children breaks the bank isn’t wholly unfounded.

Fortunately, the Growth Package or Child Benefit covers a large proportion of these costs. Particularly if you spend it wisely! More on that later. But what exactly does the Child Benefit comprise and how can you get the most out of it? Let’s start by summarising that below.

The Child Benefit comprises 3 major components:

  • a one-off Maternity Allowance of 1122.22 euros upon the birth of your child
  • a fixed monthly amount per child
  • supplementary allowances that can be claimed based on your circumstances

By the way, did you know that you can apply for the Starting Amount at the onset of your pregnancy? That way you’ll receive the payment 2 months prior to your expected delivery date.

💡 You can request the Maternity Allowance quickly and easily with KidsLife via this online form.

But how can you spend this money as efficiently as possible? The budget tips from KidsLife help you to get the most out of your family budget.

  • In addition to buying your baby goods second-hand, you can also borrow all sorts of things from a Baby Library. You can even borrow children’s bikes from various bicycle libraries. Because they grow up so fast!
  • Handy with a needle and thread? Then start making your own children’s clothes. A challenge too far? Then try making the curtains for your nursery. You can choose from an endless array of lovely fabrics. Or consider buying a second-hand cot. You can completely transform an old piece of furniture by sanding it down and giving it a fresh lick of paint!
  • Affiliated with a health insurance fund? Then you’ll also receive a baby gift pack or premium, or perhaps even both. Don’t forget to request this on their website.
  • Maternity Care is another benefit that’s fully reimbursed by your health insurance fund. This provides for a maternity assistant who regularly visits your home in the first few months following the birth of your baby, to help with household chores. An extra pair of hands that’s more than welcome!
  • Financial benefits can also come from unexpected quarters. For example, did you know that you can enjoy first-class train travel at no extra cost during the last four months of your pregnancy? You must be able to produce a medical certificate in order to take advantage of this benefit. As if that huge bump wasn’t evidence enough!
  • Start your search for a nearby childcare facility as early as possible. That way, you not only save on the price of the childcare facility, but also on travel costs and time. You can do this quickly and easily using the handy locator tool from Kind & Gezin!

💡The Cake app automatically provides a handy overview of your income and expenditure. Understanding where your money goes is the first step in managing your budget efficiently. And that’s even more important with major changes on the horizon! Discover which personal budget insights you can obtain from Cake here

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