Caroline only spends 50 euros on clothing in one year. How about you?

By Sophie Docx

Do you have any idea which are the small and large money spends in your family budget? That’s why we find it interesting if we can have a look at the spending habits of another family. For instance Caroline, she barely spends a penny on clothes for herself and her daughter. How does she manage to do that?

This article was previously published on Maison Slash
By Elke Vandebroeck

Families come in all shapes and sizes, but you almost all have one thing in common. Every month you take on the challenge of making ends meet. On average, each child costs a modest starter home: food, school fees, hobbies, clothing, … a small fortune. That’s why we think it’s so interesting to have a look at the spending habits of another family. 

Caroline spends hardly a penny on clothing for herself and her daughter. How does she manage to do that? And what do they look like? Totally top or a complete fashion flop?

Less is more

Caroline is forming a little family together with her fiancé Jelle (congratulations!) and their two year old daughter. This mom told us that she barely spends any money on clothes, only 50 euros in total in 2020. Say what?  Not because she is a thorn in Jani’s side. On the contrary: you may call Caroline a fashionista! She developed all kinds of cheaper trucks to get nice clothes. Caroline: “I have to admit that as a student I did buy a lot of fast fashion. I spent quite a lot of money on it at the time. That evolved over the years to skimming second hand stores and closet sales, looking for unique items. Until now, where I hardly buy anything second hand or new. But that has been preceded by a whole process of awareness”.

F*ck fastfashion!

So Caroline did not evolve cold turkey from diehardshopper to teetotaller. A number of experiences and insights brought her to this point. Caroline: “After a period of work, I went back to study. Then I was forced to adjust my clothing budget. At the same time, I started reading a lot about the effects of the fast fashion industry on our climate. Upsetting. With that realization in mind, I couldn’t enjoy that kind of shopping anymore. Moreover, when my fiancée’s grandmother started living smaller, I was able to browse through her clothes. After all, style icons do not indicate age. I also told my circle of friends that I was open to donations. By exchanging with others I can also vary. This way I now entirely tar on what I already have. I’m completely pro shopping in second-hand stores, during closet sales or on second-hand websites or markets and so on, but only when I really need to replace something. So almost never. The only thing I bought myself this year was a new bra for 50 euros.”

Caroline: “Also for my daughter I largely rely on other people’s scraps. I never throw anything away. If something is broken or too big, I have it made by the local tailor. Plus oversized is in! Textiles in the garbage can, shouldn’t be an option. As there are so many options to recycle. Meanwhile, I’ve become so convinced of the idea that I’m working hard on my own circular fashion start-up. You’re definitely going to hear about it!”

Guilty pleasure

Wow, that’s great Caroline: looking great, saving money and contributing to a sustainable world. But what is she going to do with all that money saved? Caroline: “I’ve been living this way for so long now that I don’t feel actively that I’m saving money. I do have one guilty pleasure, which I do spend quite a bit of money on: I often go to the hairdresser. Sometimes just to get my hair brushed. I enjoy the whole experience, and also the weeks after that it makes me feel good. Money well spent! I’m also very curious about that banking app Cake has to offer, by the way. I really wonder what we still spend our money on.”

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