This family travels all year round! Great, but what would that cost?

By Sophie Docx

Sharon’s family is used to flying or sailing around the world almost all year round. How do they finance all those trips? Plus, how do they practically organize it? After all, traveling this far with your children isn’t that exhausting?

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By Elke Vandebroeck

Far away from home, the sun on your face and having fun with your family. We miss being able to travel without worries. You too? It will come back though. We are sure it will! The lack is also big for Sharon’s family, as they are used to flying or sailing around the world almost all year round. Wow, that must cost quite a bit, right? How do they finance all those trips? Plus, how do they practically organize it? After all, traveling this far with your children isn’t that exhausting?

Gran Turismo

Sharon’s family also consists of a husband and two children of 4 and 8 years old. They live in Hengelo in the Netherlands, but they see that place rather as a starting point to explore the rest of the world. Sharon: “The love for traveling has always been there with my husband and me. I also work as a travel agent myself. Before we got the kids, we also lived in Gran Canaria for a while. Then we travelled even more, but together with the children we also visited many different countries. Every school vacation we are off! With our family we already went to Panama, Costa Rica, Mexico, Colombia, Indonesia, Brazil, Jamaica, Cuba, Aruba, the United States and many other places. “

How to finance all those trips?

Wow, that’s absolutely impressive! Surely that must cost fortunes? Doesn’t it? Sharon: “Travel isn’t cheap indeed. We’re always saving, because if you add it all up, our trips cost thousands of euros a year. Sometimes more than 10,000 euros a year. That’s why I have a strict budget for what we spend in the Netherlands on groceries, clothing, transportation expenses and so forth. At home we never go out for dinner, we don’t do festivals or make trips. That way I can set aside quite a bit of money every month. When we travel, we try to combine luxury and back to basics. Fortunately, accommodation and food are not equally expensive in all countries. The most expensive trip we made were the Disney Cruises. Those are really amazing! Our tour in West America was also quite expensive. The most beautiful trip with the kids was our trip to Costa Rica. There you have beautiful nature and so many animals. Also our visit to Ambon in Indonesia was memorable. My husband has family living in the Moluccas. My eldest son is still talking about that trip. The people there live so incredibly simple in huts and wash themselves in the river. The children there only have homemade toys. My son left all his toy cars there. ”

Always with the children? Yeah or No-no?

Anyway, that sounds like you’ve already had incredible experiences together. Don’t you ever feel like going out alone with just the two of you? After all, isn’t traveling far away with the children incredibly exhausting? Sharon: “I really would never want to travel without the children. We’ve been taking them with us since they were only three months old. By the way, they behave exceptionally well on the plane. They’ve never known it any other way. I think it’s great to see them enjoying themselves. It’s not like we’re just hanging out by the pool on vacation. We let the children soak up the local culture. It is true that we have to spend more time on our trips. The children also just want to play quietly on a playground. They set the pace. During corona we continue to travel as much as possible. Although we can’t go far now. During the autumn vacations we went to Gran Canaria. In 2021 we would normally travel to Hawaii. I sincerely hope that it can proceed. It is worth every penny to me. “

Everyone his Cake!

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