Meet Cake: this is Bastiaan

By Sophie Docx

👋 In this blog series, you’ll get to know the people behind Cake. Today we introduce Bastiaan. He handles all contacts with Cake’s commercial partners in the Netherlands.

Name: Bastiaan te Wierik
Role: Business Development 
Making Cake since: August 2021
Location: Rosmalen, Netherlands

Tell us about your workspace picture

My workspace looks a bit dark, and so it is. I actually work in an army tent.

But fortunately this is only temporary.😅 We are currently reconstructing our house and this was the perfect temporary solution for us. There is plenty of room and the kids love it!

There are also a few drawbacks to it. For example, my current workspace is also the dining table…. But with the kids back in school now, the biggest disadvantage of the tent is the lack of daylight. 

Hopefully within 2 months we can move to our fully reconstructed home, where we are also creating a workspace with a great view and lots of daylight, so it’ll be solved soon!

What do you do at Cake?

I’m part of the sales team. Together with Tom and Ann-Sophie, I am identifying commercial partners for Cake. 

With our Cake for Business offering, we help companies (retailers and brands) acquire new customers, reward loyal customers or provide them with real-time market/consumer insights based on the aggregated and anonymized transactional Cake user data. I help our commercial partners in building a winning marketing strategy. 

My focus is on expanding into the Netherlands! By the way, we are officially launching the Cake app in the Dutch market today. I do work and live in the Netherlands. This makes the list of countries from which we work even longer. The majority of the team lives and works in Belgium, but we also have colleagues based in Germany (Thomas) and the UK (Mo). 

If you’d like to know more about our offer for commercial partners, it’s definitely worth checking out our website. Or contact me (! 

Why Cake and not another company?

Within Cake I have the opportunity to combine my interest in data and sales. When I first spoke to Tom I was actually just about to start with a course Business and Data Analyst. 

After the meetings with Tom and Davy and having worked with Yves before, the atmosphere felt very positive; combined with the smart way of working, short lines and  direct communication, I’m very happy to be part of Cake!

Impression after your first few weeks at Cake.

Great team and ambition! It’s nice to be a part of team Cake

Earlier this month we had a team BBQ in Brussels. Since we don’t have an office, events like this are the perfect opportunity to meet your colleagues in real life and catch up on work and small talk.

It was the first time since the corona crisis that the whole team was back together. How lucky I was to be able to experience this in my first few weeks. I immediately got to know all my colleagues. The partners were also present this time, which made it extra fun.

What’s your favorite cake?

Salted Caramel Cheesecake… but preferably the healthier one; I love to make it with a bottom of almonds, dades, vanilla & coconut oil, a filling of dades, coconut oil & milk, cashews, and salt off course. For the topping I use coconut oil again, mixed with raw cacao powder, vanilla, honey, cinnamon and a pinch of salt. The hard work is then done by the freezer.🥶

Any topping on the Cake?

It is incredible what has already been achieved in such a short time. I am very excited to see what Cake will achieve in the Netherlands! I think we have a lot to offer to consumers, but certainly also to companies and banks!

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