Meet Cake: this is Henry

By Sophie Docx
Henry Bouciqué

We’re a fully remote team of about 25 people spread across 3 countries, all working together to build Cake and improve the financial well-being of every consumer. Meet the people behind Cake in this blog series. Today, it’s up to Henry.

Name: Henry Bouciqué
Age: 23
Role: Product Designer
Making Cake since: May 2021
Location: Ghent, Belgium

Tell us about your workspace picture

Last year, I was still studying in London. Due to Covid I had to come back early. Since then, I have been living back at home with my parents and younger sister. We’re now already a year later and I can give it a positive review! I really enjoy their company and am glad to have had them during the many lockdowns. I had been studying/working abroad since I was 17, so this unique period together has definitely made our bond stronger! 😊

Working at home also allows me to meet up with friends regularly. I now see my family and friends more than I ever did in the last years, and I’m really grateful for that! Having some space and people around is quite important, especially with Cake being a fully remote company

I’ll be moving out in a few months though. Sorry mom! 😇  I will co-house with 2 friends. The apartment (in which my friends already live) is right in the city center of Ghent, the most beautiful city in Belgium. I keep being amazed by what my city has to offer! 🤩

In my spare time I love doing handyman jobs. That’s another reason why I like living with my parents: there is always something that can be fixed or built. They want it to be done, I like giving it a try and they pay for the material.😋 It feels like a playground where I can learn new skills. Recently we fixed water leaks in the basement and now I’m building a terrace cabinet for the garden chairs. So: Tom, Ann-Sophie and Tim, I would really love to have Gamma, Hubo or Brico as a Reward partner in the Cake app! 😁

What do you do at Cake?

I work as Product Designer. After Peter (co-founder and Head of product) decided to pursue new adventures, I picked up some of his accountabilities. Peter is someone who loves complex challenges, building something from scratch, going from 0 to 1. My strength lies in improving something, taking something that exists and building on it, bringing it from 1 to 10.🚀 

That’s why I believe this is the right timing for me to join the company! The core foundations of the product are rock solid. The value has clearly been proven with tens of thousands of users (in just over a year!). Peter and the team have outlined a clear strategy with everything that’s yet to come (go check out our open roadmap). My goal is now to help develop the product and build on those foundations. I’ll be taking features and try to find the best way to implement it by asking the right questions, listening to our users and working closely with the rest of the team.

Why Cake and not another company?

I’ve been a Cake fan for quite a while. It combines 2 things that I have been doing for years: managing my finances and trying to score good deals! 

Since 2016, I have been keeping track of my finances in a spreadsheet.🤓 It started with a dull sheet with a few columns. Over the years, I have tweaked it into a neat spreadsheet with beautiful graphs and overviews. It uses a Google Form where I enter a value, select a category, bank account etc. Well, Cake does the same thing, automatically. So whereas I updated it almost daily before, now it has become a monthly thing, just to check how close Cake’s automated insights are to my manual ones (spoiler: really close, within 5%!). 

But how did I turn from a fan to a team member? It started when I found out about Cake.🍰 I found it super interesting, both the value proposition to the user, as well as the business model behind it: using anonymised data to generate useful insights for Cake users and businesses. And the more users, the more interesting it becomes for businesses, which leads to more users, you get the picture…  The rapid market traction was proof to me that Cake was onto something big. 

Enough with the love story. I downloaded the app, but then I deleted it again.🤯 I couldn’t add my TransferWise account, which I used for most of my payments.😢 That would mean the insights in Cake wouldn’t be accurate, so my own spreadsheet would still be the best option. Too bad! 

But then I received an email from Davy (Cake CEO and co-founder), asking “if i could explain why I didn’t add a bank account?” I knew it was an automated email, but nevertheless I found it so cool they did this, that they engaged with their (non) users. So I replied and explained why. Then Peter, replied inviting me for lunch so we could talk further! 

We never had lunch together (#blijftinuwkot), but we did have a few calls. And after I had sent a small slideshow full of gifs and emoji, explaining what I loved about Cake and why I wanted to join the company, I became a member of the newly established Inspiration Board! 🥳 

My slideshow slideshow, explaining what I loved about Cake and why I wanted to join the company.

Together with a few other Cake enthusiasts, we sometimes thought about upcoming features and provided some external inspiration/opinions. Co-creation! 

And then in April, I was asked to join the team full time!
And of course, I said yes! 🥰

What’s your most memorable Cake moment?

I only started 2 weeks ago. What stands out to me most so far is how the team is so close-knit and genuinely friendly. I followed Tim’s initiative of having a quick 1-1 call with everyone in the team and that was a very pleasant experience! Although I am not very good at small talk, I immediately felt at ease with the team. In between calls, I regularly had to go tell my parents “How come everyone is SO nice at Cake?”.😁

Other than these intro’s, we check in every day and I am in contact with my colleagues during the day. I appreciate the time taken during the day to just have conversations, whether or not they concern Cake stuff. 

The team has been set up by gathering people who worked together before. This could explain the good team atmosphere. They knew what to expect from each other, they knew they would get along. And a few years later, the original team is still working together. Hopefully I’m early enough in Cake History to call myself the (extended) original team in a few years.😏

What’s your favorite cake?

I’m a big sugar addict (🥲), but don’t eat that many cakes… But the one I still remember is the Chocolate Cake at Said in London. It’s a tiny, cosy and very popular chocolate bar in Soho. We had to wait in line for a long, long time but it was worth it! 

Any topping on the Cake?

I believe there is nothing more useful than talking to and hearing from people to develop products. Even if they don’t use Cake (yet), it can be super useful to understand why not. I’m ‘interviewing’ my friends and family about Cake and have already had conversations with our users in my first days at Cake. So here is a warm request for anyone who reads this: reach out to me on our public roadmap), our support chat in the Cake app or via I would love to hear what you love or hate about Cake. Why do or don’t you use the app? Which new features or improvements would you want to see? 🤔

Let’s make the best Cake, together! 😁

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