Meet Cake: this is Robby

By Davy Kestens

👋 Meet the people behind Cake in this interview series. Today, it’s up to Robby, Business Developer at Cake.

Name: Robby Timmermans		
Role: Business Developer
Making Cake since: October 2021
Location: Hasselt, Belgium

Tell us about your workspace

Recently I moved from Wellen to Hasselt where my wife and I bought a house. Benefit of the new house is that we both have our own workspace. Which is very convenient since Cake is a 100% remote company without an office.

I don’t like sitting for a long time. I bought a moveable desk so that I can mix sitting and standing while working. 

In the background you can see my little library with a mix of SciFi, Fantasy, business and artbooks. What you can’t see is my extensive Lego collection and my live streaming equipment. 

What do you do at Cake?

I’m a Business Developer at Cake. This means my job mainly consists of looking for new commercial partners, following up on the existing ones and helping partners make the most out of the Cake offering. Cake for Business has a lot to offer!

First of all, we help them acquire new customers and incentivize existing customers to increase their spend with the Cake cashback program. This allows retailers and brands to easily offer cashback discounts to specific target groups based on their previous purchase behavior. We now have over 90 different partners including Torfs, Mealhero, JBC, vanHaren, Streamz, Veritas, Viata, Deliveroo and many others. The fact that Toychamp is also a partner gives me a nice cashback for my Lego addiction.😅

But partners also come to us for and getting unique data driven insights in the market based on anonymized transactional data to companies. We recently published a report on Belgian fashion retail and the impact of second hand shopping. You can download it for free! 

With Cake for Banks, we also partner with banks. Like with Argenta: the Cake cashbacks are also integrated into Argenta’s app.

Live stream from Lego World Chicago

Why Cake and not another company?

I was following Cake already for a while and when I saw an opening for a Business Developer, I sent an email to Tom throwing my hat, coat, costume and all other clothes in the ring. One week later we agreed on a start date, the most painless job application I’ve ever had.

The work atmosphere is amazing, everybody is driven and wants to take the company to the next level. The fact that it’s full remote and you have to be a bit independent clicks with how I like to work. And although we don’t have an office, the team still meets on a regular basis.

What’s your impression after your first few weeks at Cake?

Great colleagues that help me whenever I need it and a product that is ever evolving and actually brings something interesting to the table. I’m now even more convinced I made the right choice coming to Cake!

What’s your favourite cake?

Although I’m not the biggest dessert fan, I love some marbled cake from time to time.

No topping or anything like that, just a yummy cake.

Any topping on the Cake?

Wait, didn’t I just say no topping on my Cake?

Ok, ok, you want to know a bit about me. I love travelling, my goal is to cross all the US states at one point. Cooking is also high on my list, I do live streaming on Twitch and twice a year I raise funds for St Jude Children’s Research Hospital. So if you ever see me running around with a lemon in my mouth, wearing a hotdog costume or doing strange things, it’s all for a good cause.

Fundraising as a hot dog
Fundraising with lemons

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