Meet Cake: this is Sophie

By Sophie Docx

Meet the people behind Cake in this interview series. Today, it’s up to Sophie, our Head of Marketing & Communication.

Name: Sophie Docx
Role: Head of Marketing & Communication
Making Cake since: September 2019
Location: Zemst, Belgium

Tell us about your workspace

Since I started working for Cake 2 years ago, working from home became the standard as Cake does not have an office. So I spend most of my working time here. 

My partner has been working from home for over 10 years but he usually works from the garden office. When he doesn’t have appointments with clients we encounter each other at the coffee machine or during lunch.

I greatly value what my workplace looks like. In an environment that is furnished with the things I value I work at my best. I find it awful to work in large impersonal and uninspired landscape offices with flex desks. Here I am in an interior that I have designed myself among my books, travel guides, magazines and objects that each have their own story and memory. It’s a fantastic feeling to be able to make full use of the place where I like being.

In recent years I’ve worked from home from time to time for several clients, but I do admit that working completely remotely is another experience. Pre-corona there was more variety, we met at someone’s home for a meeting, I had meetings at our advertising agency or at other partners or I went to work in a coffee bar. I also consciously looked for that variety and that made a perfect mix. The 100% homework with my partner and 2 teenagers in the house was a bit of an adjustment.😅 

I start my workday at 9am at the latest. I’m not an early bird so in order not to let things get out of hand I put myself on that strict deadline.😁 With a first coffee in my hand I then start checking Slack and Monday to see what the latest status is. Then I make, on paper, a to-do list for the day. I think I’m about the only Cake colleague who always appear at meetings with pen and paper. I’m a real paper lover and besides all the digital tools, which I really do embrace, my love for paper doesn’t extinguish. 

I usually finish my working day around 6pm. But often, after dinner I finish some work or prepare things for the next day. Work often lingers in between other activities during evenings and weekends, but I don’t mind. On the contrary, I like to put things in order right away instead of saving them up until the next working day. That gives me more satisfaction and peace of mind.

What do you do at Cake?

I am responsible for Cake’s marketing and communications. In other words, I make sure that the services we offer with Cake for Banks and Cake for Business reach the right target groups. Through all possible channels: from PR, to (digital) advertisements, events, case studies, lead generation, setting up webinars, search for partnerships, development of sales materials … . This also includes being responsible for our website and this blog, so I’m now interviewing myself.🤔

I also work regularly with my colleagues Jessica and Xavier on the Cake Insights reports. I am convinced that with Cake Insights we can offer unique market insights to brands and companies, as in the reports on meal boxes and fashion retail we already published.

Why Cake and not another company?

I actually ended up at Cake rather unexpectedly. I’ve been working as an independent marketing freelancer for a number of years now. After a career in more corporate companies like Sony PlayStation and Samsung, I chose to do freelance assignments for various companies. Last summer I did an interim project at LDV United when Harry Demey, CEO at LDV United and member of the Cake Advisory Board, introduced me to Davy on my last working day.

It turned out Davy was still looking for someone to set up the marketing and I was just finishing this assignment. So we went for a coffee that afternoon. I had never heard of Cake. But when Davy explained the business model, I was immediately enthusiastic. I felt there was a disruptive story in it. And one that is completely consistent, with a win for consumers, the commercial partners and Cake itself, of course. 

When the team asked me to join them for dinner in the evening, I immediately said yes. After this pleasant evening the decision was made and less than a week later, even before I really started, I was on my first Cake team BBQ.

The speed with which this all happened is very typical for the way of working at Cake. We can decide very quickly. That’s what makes us so well ahead with the app and the team. The entire corona crisis may have put a brake on our growth for a while, but even there we immediately made decisions and adjusted the course. Taking a wait-and-see attitude is not in our DNA.

What’s your most memorable Cake moment?

Well, my recruiting was memorable, anyway. Going to the last day of an interim assignment and coming home with a new assignment for a product I had never heard of, that hadn’t happened to me yet.

Another memorable moment was a trip with Cake’s core team. That itself was unforgettable, productive and fun. But absolutely memorable was Davy who during that trip casually said that at the time I signed my contract there was no money left on Cake’s bank account. Until then, I never noticed anything, because my invoice was neatly paid at the end of that month.

But it really wouldn’t have made any difference if I had known. I believe in the product, the business model behind it and the team. So I would have taken the risk anyway.😜

What’s your favorite cake?

I’m not a big sweet tooth. So fancy cakes with lots of decorations and whipped cream I’m happy to let pass. In the category of cakes and pies for me: the simpler and purer the better. 

A few years ago we travelled around Georgia (the country). We stayed 3 days in the mountains in the most idyllic place you can imagine with a Georgian family. Every evening Irina cooked the most delicious Georgian dishes for us. Her apple cake was so tasty and she gave us the recipe to take home. Since then, to everyone’s pleasure, I regularly make “Irina’s cake” and it has definitely become my favorite cake.🍎🍰

Any topping on the Cake?

Above all, I have a message for my fellow marketers, both at retailers and brands. I would really advise them to invite my colleagues Tom or Ann-Sophie so they can explain what possibilities Cake can offer for their brand. Whether it’s about the insights we can offer thanks to the reports based on the anonymized transactions of the Cake users (real time and based on real behaviour) or the possibilities for acquisition or loyalty (based on no cure, no pay, so nothing to lose there!). 

The Cake train has only just left, make sure you don’t miss it! 

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