Meet Cake: this is Tom

By Sophie Docx

We’re a fully remote team of about 20 people spread across 3 countries, all working together to build Cake and improve the financial well-being of every consumer. Meet the people behind Cake in this blog series. Today, it’s up to Tom.

Name: Tom Claus
Age: 31
Role: Head of Business Development, co-founder
Making Cake since: November 2018
Location: Bilzen, Belgium

Tell us about your workspace

I do have a home office but I don’t use it that often. I’m mostly on the road (like in the picture 😎), meeting up with our partners and presenting Cake’s business offering to potential customers. Since I spend most of my time on the road, I consider my car to be my office. 

I don’t have a fixed daily schedule because it completely depends on the scheduled meetings for the day, but usually, I prepare my meetings in the morning. This means building slides that I will use for my upcoming presentations, making sure that we will cover everything the partner or prospect wants to discuss or is interested in. 

Because our business development team is still small, it’s just Anne-Sophie and myself, we individually have to cover quite a big region. And living not centrally in Belgium this means that sometimes I need to drive up to two hours just to get to a meeting. Luckily, those meetings can also take up a few hours, so I don’t have to drive back just for a 15-minute meeting. 😅

At the end of the day, when I’m back home, I write down the notes and next steps about the meeting, so that the rest of the team is aware and can follow up when necessary. But every day is different, I don’t really have a schedule, it varies a lot.

Now with corona, I do almost everything from home. Most meetings are replaced by video calls. This means I have a lot more productive time since I don’t have to be on the road as often.

What do you do at Cake?

I’m always on the look-out for new partnerships with consumer brands or retailers, to see if they can get value out of Cake’s business offering. With our offering we can help them acquire new customers, reward loyal customers and help them better understand their own customers and their competitive market landscape. If you want to know more about our offering to commercial partners you should check out this blogpost.

You could call it sales, but in my opinion, a Business Developer is someone who tries to build partnerships that are a win-win for both parties. Someone who works towards the best long term deal for both the business, in this case, Cake, but also for the partner. 

What I really like about our business is that everyone involved has something to gain and nobody loses.

For example, with every cashback campaign we set up for our B2B customers, Cake only earns money when there is an actual proven ROI (Return On Investment) for the brand. This means that Cake makes money when our paying customers make more money than they spend with us. And on top of that, every time that happens the users of the Cake app earn money as well thanks to the cashback Rewards. 

We also help brands to get better qualitative insights in their market and customer base at a fraction of the cost of typical market research agencies, saving them money in the process. The cherry on top is that we then, again, share 50% of those revenues, every single month, with the Cake users!

It’s cool and rewarding to be representing something that creates value for everyone!

Why Cake and not another company?

I’ve worked at quite a few companies in the past, but I always tend to gravitate to smaller companies and startups.

When I started at the last company I worked at, it was also quite small. But when I left, the team size was close to 100 people. When a company gets too big, it doesn’t feel like home for me anymore. There’s something about the risk, charm and excitement of a new small company that I really like. I truly enjoy helping to start something new, building new things, make it great and then see how it takes off.

Cake is incredibly interesting to me because we are building and create something that is new and can have a significant impact on this world. And we all know that the world of banking definitely needs a kick in the shins. 😁

What’s your most memorable Cake moment?

That’s a difficult one because we’ve had so many memorable moments.

One of the fondest memories I have was the moment we signed the first partners. It felt like quite an accomplishment because, at that time, we did not have any product yet, we did not have an app, we had absolutely nothing but a great idea, and yet we did find the first partners who signed a yearly contract with us. So that was definitely one of the most memorable moments so far. 

Most other memorable moments happened at the quarterly on-sites with the whole team. Those are really fun and I get to know the team much better at a personal level. 

What’s your favourite cake?

It is “abrikozen met lattekes vlaai”, that’s just so good!

Any topping on the Cake?

Whoohooo! What a great adventure so far! Thanks to all Cake partners, users and colleagues, together we can write the recipe for a better banking world. 🍰

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