General Terms and Conditions

Or in other words, the small print 👀

Hi there, and nice to meet you! 👋

Before we get started, we need to clarify a few things..

When we use “we” or “our” in these general terms and conditions, we mean Cake (see below) and/or staff at Cake.

When we use “you” or “your”, we mean every user who has downloaded our App (see hereafter). We like to keep things friendly and informal so we don’t stand on ceremony. Communication is simpler and more accessible that way.

When we use “App”, we mean the Cake app.

When we use “Data”, we mean all personal details about you that are visible in the App and all personal details you have provided to us and all personal details we link to them. This Data is important and it is the reason we have drawn up a Privacy Policy, in which you can read about which data we save, process, and what we do with it.

When we state “bank account” we mean a payment account at a payment or credit institution.

This document describes how we interact with our App users. We call this the “General Terms and Conditions”. In fact, that is the official name for the agreements we make with each other. General terms and conditions are usually boring and almost incomprehensible for the average person who hasn’t got a law degree. But because we aren’t boring people, we want to make this document easy to understand. So, enjoy these General Terms and Conditions.

You can always find the most recent version of this document in our App and on our website (

Let’s get straight to the point. Using is consenting. By using our App, you agree to everything stated here. And this means everything. If you don’t agree with the content, you can’t use our App and you should close it. We think this is a clear but fair rule. If you have already created a user account in our App, don’t forget to delete your user account before deleting the App.

Let’s get going, shall we?

Yves Bovin
Head of legal affairs, Cake

Quick answers 

Before we get to the details, we provide a quick and easy summary of the most important parts of these Terms and Conditions. You can click on the links to learn more, or simply read the full document below the quick answers. 👍

Is Cake a bank?NO
Can I call you?NO
Do you send me messages?YES
Will the link between the Cake app and my bank account continue to exist forever?NO
Is the app free to use?YES
Is it possible I earn money with Cake?YES
Is it okay if I link a business bank account to the Cake app?NO
Do you give a 100% guarantee that the app will always work as it should?NO
Do you have checks in place to prevent money laundering?YES
Are you a member of an ombudsman service?YES

Who are we? 

Cake is a payment institution licensed in accordance with the Belgian Act of 11 March 2018 on the legal status and supervision of payment institutions and electronic money institutions.

Just to be clear and so there are no misunderstandings: we are not a bank, but we fall under the supervision of the National Bank of Belgium.

According to European regulations, we can also offer our services in other countries in the European Union (“EU”) and the European Economic Area (“EEA”).

But who are we really?

Cake NV is a Belgian public company with its registered office at: Hendrik Van Veldekesingel 150/23, 3500 Hasselt, Belgium.
Our VAT number is BE 0723.581.891 (“Cake”).
Our website is
Our supervisory authority is the National Bank of Belgium, Boulevard de Berlaimont 3, 1000 Brussels, Belgium.


You can’t contact us through old-fashioned communication methods such as e-mail, post, carrier pigeon, telegrams, smoke signals or anything similar.
All our communication goes through the contact function in our App.

Our App is the most secure method of communicating with each other. It is just about possible to send us a nice postcard by post from your holiday destination, but we expect everything else through the App. So, we will only answer questions sent to us through the App. In exceptional cases, we may respond to Tweets or comments on internet forums or other social media, but we are not promising anything.

If you have a question about the protection of your personal data or if you want to exercise your rights under the GDPR, you can always contact our data protection officer (also called “DPO”) directly by sending an email to More information about your rights under the GDPR can be found in our Privacy Policy.

Cool tips

Do you have any cool tips or feedback on our App? Then let us know using the contact function in the App. Who knows, we may find your feedback so interesting that we use it in one of the next releases. Do keep in mind that, when sending us tips or feedback, you allow us to use your idea in one of our following releases and we don’t have to pay you any remuneration for this.

To process your input, we make use of feedback software called UserVoice. The use of this software is subject to UserVoice’s own terms and privacy policy.   

Nice to meet you

As a payment institution we fall under European financial law. And that’s why we are required to know who you are. This means that we have to ask you all kinds of questions when you register for the App. Unfortunately, we can’t proceed without these details. So, please answer truthfully.   

What we ask depends on what you want to do with us. When you ask to claim Rewards (see later) or perform payment initiation services (see later), we ask for a photo of your national identity card or passport. Without this information, we are not allowed to offer you our services. Make sure you send us a scan of your national identity card or passport and not someone else’s. If you don’t, that would be identity fraud and you could face criminal charges. 

It is also important that you send us a valid identity document that hasn’t expired. When the document expires, we would like you to send us a copy of your new national identity card or passport. The App will also request this. Without a new document, we can no longer offer our services.

The identity document you send us must at least state your first name, last name, date of birth, and place of birth. This is the information we need to know about you in order to be able to offer our services. If your identity document does not include this information, or if it does not state this information clearly, we must refuse the document. Don’t worry, we always give you a chance to make this right, as the App will ask you to upload another photo of an identity document.

Do you speak … ?

Our App is in every language of the countries where we roll out our App. However, we only speak Dutch and English and sadly enough not German, French, Italian, Lithuanian, Punjabi or any other language. Therefore, you can only ask us questions in Dutch or English. Doesn’t work for you? Try Google Translate. You can then usually figure it out.


Occasionally, we will send you messages through the App’s internal chat tool. This could be a notification in the App or a push message to your smartphone. These could be all kinds of notifications: promotional campaigns, extra Reward promotions or simply a message wishing you a happy birthday. If you’d rather not receive push messages, you can turn this feature off on your smartphone. But you might miss out on interesting promotions if you do. 

Our services

What services do we offer? 

Cake offers you Rewards. Rewards are small amounts of pocket money that we transfer to your bank account. For free. Yes, you read it right: you pay nothing at all for this service. Nada. Diddly-squat. Does that sound too good to be true? We are happy to explain how we make this happen.

How we do what we do

In the App you can give us access to your bank account. Just follow the instructions in the App to do that. Once you have given us access, we will be able to see the balance of your bank account, as well as all the transactions you made with it in the past. All this data is what we call ‘account information’.

We use your account information to generate revenue. By ‘we’, we mean our software. Our software sees your account information and automatically grants Rewards to you based on this information. There could be several reasons for that.

A first reason is that our software converts your account information into statistical data, and that data is worth a lot of money. Many companies are interested in that data to make important strategic decisions. We refer to these companies as “commercial partners”. They are willing to pay us for the statistical data we can create based on your account information. But we don’t hand it over just like that. And certainly not detailed data. We package the account information of all our users into consolidated anonymous statistics and overviews. By then selling these, we can keep the use of our services free for all our users. And in fact, we want you to earn from it too. That’s why we give you Rewards. These Rewards are simply a portion of the revenue that we generate by selling anonymous statistics and overviews to our commercial partners.

An example? Imagine you spend a lot of money on shoes. This is expressed in your spending pattern and that could be interesting to a shoe manufacturer. We won’t pass on your name to that shoe manufacturer but we will include you in the statistics about people who like buying shoes. That shoe manufacturer can then use those statistics to gain better insight into its market. The manufacturer then, for instance, knows which region could be interesting for them to open new shoe shops. That manufacturer is therefore prepared to pay for those statistics. But we reiterate: we would never in a million years pass on your Data to these companies. We guarantee this.

But wait, there’s more!

As mentioned before, there can be several reasons why our software automatically grants you Rewards. We may also give you Rewards to thank you for purchasing something from one of our commercial partners. This is something we can also see based on your account information.

How does this work exactly?

Imagine that a certain chain of shoe shops wants to attract more customers.

Yeah, we’re back to shoes again, but it could just as well be a hamburger chain. Or a chain of supermarkets, toy shops, doughnut shops, coffee bars, … anything goes.

But, back to the shoes.

That shoe shop can select a target group to which they want to send a commercial proposition. If you are in that target group, you will be informed in the App that the shoe shop in question is running a promotional campaign for you. Such a campaign could result in you receiving a Reward when you buy shoes from that shop.

Let’s be clear: we don’t give your personal data to that shoe shop. That shoe shop has defined a target group, you are in that target group and that is why you see its promotional campaign in the App.

Imagine that the Reward amounts to 3%. This means that if you see a fabulous pair of trainers in that shoe shop worth 100 euros and you buy them with the bank account to which you have given us access, then we will give you a 3 euro Reward.

It’s that simple.

The above case is simply an example and not a guarantee that there will be a Reward like that each time. You can see the actual terms and conditions per promotion in the App.

And there’s still more!

Every so often we may organise promotions giving you a chance to get additional Rewards. These could be, for instance, loyalty promotions, activity promotions, member-get-member promotions, take-a-selfie-with-a-tortoise promotions, etc. In other words, all kinds of promotions with which you can earn extra Rewards.

We can run all kinds of promotions but we aren’t obliged to do so. Neither are we obliged to open a promotion to everyone. We may run a promotion for a specific target group that you don’t belong to. But if we run a promotion and you are eligible to join in, then we will let you know through the App and you will be able to see the rules for the promotion straight away. And then it’s up to you to go for it, or not. Go, go, go!

No Rewards without PSD2

To obtain access to your bank account information, we have to comply with the conditions and rules of the European PSD2 legislation. PSD2 stands for “Payment Services Directive 2”. This is a European law that ensures that European consumers can oblige their bank to share data with other companies such as Cake, provided that these companies obtain a licence for this and comply with all the rules in the PSD2 legislation. In order to access your bank account in conformity with that legislation, we need to provide an “account information service”. Without this service, we cannot access your account information, meaning that we cannot offer you Rewards.

Account information service: wassat?

Yeah, sorry about that. We didn’t make up this term so we would like to explain it to you.

The PSD2 regulations define an account information service as follows: “An online service to provide consolidated information on one or more payment accounts held by the payment service user with either another payment service provider or with more than one payment service provider.”

That probably means little to you, so we will explain.

You can link your bank account to our App. Just follow the instructions in the App to do that. Once your bank account is linked to our App, you will be able to see that bank account in our App. And with that we don’t just mean you can see the balance but also all your past transactions. How far back you can see depends on your bank. This is something we can’t change.

All the information about your account and all those transactions you can see in our App are what we call account information.

In order to be able to offer you such an account information service, we have built software that can analyze all your income and expenses and will try to help you. For example, we will try to tell you what you spend more or less money on compared to others, how you can save and even how you can earn extra money.

We even have a fancy name for it: Personal Finance Management or PFM for short. It actually all boils down to a digital financial butler that helps you with your budget.

Be aware that when you link several accounts to our App, we will run our PFM model on all the accounts. This means we will add all your incomes and expenses from all those accounts and give you a consolidated overview as if they were one account. Cool huh?

Do keep in mind though that we can’t solve any financial difficulties you may have. If you spend more than you earn, you have a problem. We can provide you with an overview of your expenses and incomes and give you tips on how to save money, but we can’t manage your finances on your behalf. You have to do that for yourself. It therefore goes without saying that you can never hold us responsible or claim for any damages for advice or the overviews we give you.

Last but not least: Payment initiation services

Based on the PSD2 regulations, we are not only allowed to offer account information services, but also “payment initiation services”. Another word we didn’t invent ourselves.

First the official explanation:

The PSD2-regulations define payment initiation services as follows: “A service for initiating a payment order, by request of the payment service user, to debit a payment account held by the user with another payment service provider in order to credit another bank account.”

And now for the explanation in simple language. 

Through our App, you can make payments to other accounts from your bank account that is linked to the App. This occurs through what is called payment initiation. You send an initiation through our App and we send that to your bank. The bank completes the payment. What do you think of that? 

It means you don’t have to go to your bank’s app. With our App, you can simply make payments with all the bank accounts you have linked to our App. 

Of course, we only send payment requests to your bank after you have indicated this in our App. The transfer is your responsibility. So, you can never hold us responsible for a payment you have submitted in our App. Even if you regret it afterwards. Submitted is submitted …   

We will also continue to make automatic payments you have set up until you cancel them or the link has expired (see later).  

Keep in mind that we use the same payment limits as your bank does. So, if you want to transfer more money than your bank allows, you won’t be able to through our App. 

Playing by the rules

Now that we have explained what services we offer and how they function, it’s time to get to the rules of the game. But first…

Time for a quick break! ☕ 

We are about halfway through these terms and conditions, which means you’ve earned a drink!

Take a moment to drink a glass of water, a cup of coffee or even a glass of wine. Is it evening already?
Then a glass of Meukow VSOP could also be in order.  

Ready? … Here we go again! ⛹️

No data, no Cake

We can only offer the services set out above if we can save and process all kinds of information about you. By accepting these General Terms and Conditions, you consent to us having access to your payment account and you understand that we perform all the processing operations on your account information that are necessary to perform the account information service as described above.

You can read in detail in our Privacy Policy how we store and process your personal data and what rights you can exercise. You can find the most recent version of our Privacy Policy in the App or on our website.

Staying connected

We can only offer our amazing services if we have access to your payment account information. As a consequence of the PSD2 regulations, your authorisation to give us access to your account only remains valid for 90 calendar days. This means that you have to renew the link connecting your bank account to the App every 90 calendar days. That’s too bad, but that’s what European legislation states. You can see how to do that in the App. We send you a warning about renewing on time. If you don’t receive this warning, please let us know.

If you don’t renew the link, you won’t be able to see new transactions for that bank account in our App after those 90 calendar days. Therefore, it’s important you renew the link on time.

If you don’t have any bank accounts linked to our App 30 calendar days after this period of 90 days has elapsed, then the Rewards you have accumulated, but have not withdrawn, will expire (see later). They will remain our property.

The automatic payments you had set up will also expire if you do not renew the link in time. Do keep that in mind.

Pocket money

As explained earlier, we get money from our commercial partners in exchange for anonymous insights and statistics. That way we make money, so we can pay our fantastic employees. But every month we also give all our active users a portion of this money under the form of a Reward. Without you having to do anything for this. There are however a few conditions.

First of all, we freely determine how much of our revenue we share, and we do not guarantee that we will share revenue with all our users. For example, if we do not sell any statistical reports to our commercial partners, there’s no revenue and thus no money to share. You do not have the right to obtain detailed calculations of our revenue or how we decide to share it.

Secondly, you need to be an active customer to be entitled to these Rewards. When are you an active customer? It’s simple: You must have given us access to at least 1 unique payment account, there must have been at least 1 incoming payment in that account during the past month, and at least 5 outgoing payments to undertakings (meaning that payments to private persons do not count). In short, payment accounts that are barely used or not used at all do not receive any pocket money from us.

Patience is a virtue

As long as the value of your Rewards remains below 1 euro, we will not immediately transfer them to your bank account. We already allocate these Rewards to you, but we do not transfer the amount to your account yet. We only do this from the moment that the total value of Rewards that have been awarded to you, but that have not yet been paid out, is at least 1 euro. Until that moment, the Rewards remain ours.

Show me the money

You can see all your Rewards in our App. Do be aware though that we are the legal owner of the Rewards until you claim them. As soon as you claim the Rewards, they become yours and we will transfer the amount to your bank account.

It is very easy to claim your Rewards in just a few clicks in the App. The first time you ask to claim your Rewards, we will deposit the amount in your bank account. We can only transfer the amount to a bank account that is linked to our App and that you have specified to receive the Rewards. We do our utmost to do this as quickly as possible, but of course there is no guarantee that the amount will be in your bank account the same working day. After all, the speed at which money appears in your bank account depends largely on your bank.

Do note, you can only claim Rewards once we have received a validated copy/scan/photo of your ID card or passport. If we don’t have it, the App will ask you to provide it before you can claim your Rewards.

After the first time you have claimed your Rewards, we will deposit all future Rewards to your bank account straight away, provided that the total value of Rewards that have not yet been transferred to your bank account amounts at least to 1 euro.

Using the right card

If you want to receive Rewards for purchases you made with our commercial partners, you have to pay with a bank account that is linked to our App. This means that you have to use the debit card linked to that bank account. Otherwise we will not be able to detect the transaction, which means that we will not be able to allocate a Reward to you. We also have to be able to recognise the transaction as a payment to a commercial partner. Otherwise it is not possible for us to know that you bought something in the shop of the promotional campaign. Makes sense, right?

We will transfer the amount of the Rewards to the payment account to which you have given us access. We do not pay out Rewards to any other payment account.

When you make a purchase for which you are entitled to a Reward, we do our utmost to pay out the Reward as quickly as possible, but of course there is no guarantee that the amount will be in your payment account the same working day.

Using the right account

You can only give us access to a payment account of which you are the account holder. If you are not the account holder, you can only give us access if the real account holder has given you a power of attorney that includes a mandate to grant access to third parties.

If you want to give us access to a payment account of which you are not the account holder, you must obtain the necessary authorisations to this end. In this case, you also warrant that the real account holder agrees that we access the account information of that payment account and that we process that account information in accordance with these General Terms and Conditions and our Privacy Policy.

If you want to give us access to a payment account that has multiple account holders, such as a joint payment account that you share with your partner, you warrant that all the other account holders agree that we access the account information of that payment account and that we process that account information in accordance with these General Terms and Conditions and our Privacy Policy.

You cannot give us access to business accounts. These are principally payment accounts belonging to corporate entities, or payment accounts used for professional purposes. You are not entitled to receive Rewards for transactions made with such business accounts. If you nonetheless manage to collect Rewards with a business account, you will indemnify and hold us harmless from all claims, damages, and expenses incurred as a result thereof.

No Cake for Crooks

In case you manage to manipulate our Rewards system or to collect Rewards in a fraudulent manner, for example by simulating transactions, we preserve the right to obtain reimbursement of those Rewards. We have the right to deny you the use of our services either temporarily or permanently. We may also send you to prison. In case you pass Start on your way to prison, you do not collect a Reward.

Who can use our App?

Almost anyone can use our App. We say ‘almost anyone’ because there are exceptions. 

The first exception concerns business accounts. These are principally company bank accounts belonging to corporate entities, or bank accounts used for professional purposes. While you are allowed to link such accounts to our App, do be aware that you are not entitled to receive Rewards for transactions on business accounts, or to initiate payments with them. If you nonetheless decide to collect Rewards with a business account, or to initiate payments with it, you will indemnify and hold us harmless from all claims, damages, and expenses incurred as a result thereof.

We then also have the right to deny you access to our App or to some of the services. In that case, we have a valid reason to deny access but we’re not obliged to inform you of that reason. 

Denying access also means you lose the right to the Rewards you have accumulated but haven’t withdrawn yet. You can of course keep the Rewards you have withdrawn and received on your bank account in the past. Those have been definitively acquired. There is one exception to this. As said earlier, we preserve the right to obtain reimbursement of Rewards that have been obtained in a fraudulent manner.

How old do you have to be? 

You have to be at least 16 years old to use our App. So, if you are under 16, we kindly ask you to delete the App and come back at a later date. Under no circumstances may you use our App if you are under 16. We are sorry about that, but current legislation doesn’t allow it. 

If it happens to go wrong


We provide the App, you provide a smartphone with a mobile connection. Smartphone or mobile connection not working? This is something we can’t do anything about. We really can’t. Using your smartphone and everything related to that is your responsibility. 

Pay attention to fees that your network operator may charge for the internet that you use to use our services via the App. You have to bear these costs yourself.

Oops, the App

We do our utmost to ensure our App functions properly at all times. But unfortunately, we can’t give any cast-iron guarantees. There’s plenty that could go wrong. For instance, there is the chance that our servers stop working, that our App stutters or even stops working completely. Sadly enough we have to consider that everything and anything to do with our App can go wrong at times.

You can never ask us to pay damages if it goes wrong or if our App doesn’t work as expected, either temporarily or for a longer period. Even if you suffer damage because of it and it annoys you. Rest assured we will also be annoyed and will do all we can to get the App working again. But again, there is no guarantee this will work.

There is the chance that our PFM module doesn’t work as it should. That perhaps we have categorised what you spent at a shoe shop under pet food. We of course endeavour to avoid such errors, but we can’t give any cast-iron guarantees that it won’t happen.

Don’t get annoyed with us, but just let us know through the contact function in the App. Please understand that we can’t be held responsible for such errors, so you can’t claim any damages from us if the PFM module is not working as it should.

The same of course applies for Rewards. Things can sometimes go wrong and we are not responsible for errors in this case either. Just to give an example, it could happen that a shoe shop (yes, back at shoes again), which has organized a Reward campaign through or App, for some reason fails to pay out the Rewards promised to you. When we do not receive these rewards, we are of course unable to transfer them to your bank account. As this wouldn’t be our fault, you cannot hold us responsible for such a problem. Needless to say, we will do anything in our power to fix issues with Rewards, but you can never claim damages from us.

If there is an error in a Reward campaign, we have the right to intervene at any time to correct a mistake, for example by withdrawing the campaign immediately, or to change the terms of the campaign, without us being obliged to give a reason for this. When we withdraw a commercial promotion, it no longer applies to any transaction carried out after the moment of withdrawal. If we adjust the terms of a promotion, the old terms will immediately expire and the new terms will apply directly to all transactions executed after the adjustment.

In addition to possible errors in Reward campaigns, it may happen that we discontinue a commercial promotion at our discretion, for instance because the action does not have the desired effect or because we believe it could lead to abuse of fraud. In such a case, we also reserve the right to cancel the promotion immediately without incurring any form of liability.

We endeavour to always be easy to reach, but again we can’t give any guarantees. We can be reached through our App, but we can’t guarantee in advance that we will answer within a certain period. Would you like to test us? Then send us a message and you will find out what our response time is. But it goes without saying that one response time is no guarantee of future response times.

Something wrong?

Regularly check what you see in our App. Have you seen something that’s wrong? Have you spotted an incorrect payment through our App, an error in an overview of your income and expenses, or spending listed under the wrong category? Then let us know and we will wake one of our technical staff up so they can take a look. 

Don’t wait too long to let us know. We can’t always rectify issues that are over 24 hours old. But that doesn’t mean that we can always rectify issues that are under 24 hours old. And neither does it mean that we can solve issues within 24 hours. The only thing we know for certain is that 24 hours is shorter than 25 hours.  

By the way, our services may also include third-party content. In that case, we can’t be held responsible for their content. 

Stay safe

Eat and live healthily but also take measures to secure access to your smartphone. Use access codes, face recognition, fingerprint recognition or, if need be, bellybutton recognition to ensure no one else can access your smartphone. 

You can never hold us responsible if someone else gains access to our App with your smartphone or even if they initiate payments through our App with it. 

Make sure you always have the latest version of our App on your smartphone and that you are running your smartphone’s most recent operating system. 

We’re almost done now, just a little bit more.

Laundry time

We fall under the strict rules that apply to the financial sector in the EU. This means, among other things, that we must carry out checks into money laundering and terrorism financing. That is why we – just like your bank – can carry out investigations into moneylaundering practices and the financing of terrorism. We may therefore ask you a number of questions or request a number of additional documents from you. As long as you are not laundering money or financing terrorism, you have nothing to worry about.  

The App is ours

We own the intellectual property rights to our trade name, the App and everything that goes with it and in it. This means that you may only use our App for the services described in this document. When using our App, you don’t receive any property rights to our App, username, logo or any other things connected to our App. You may not counterfeit our App or any part of it.  

Mergers, acquisitions and splits

We can’t predict the future, but should Cake be taken over by another company or if Cake decides to merge or split the company, then our agreement with you will be transferred to that other company. We don’t need your permission for this.

Complaints procedure

Do you have a complaint? Let us know by sending us a message with an explanation of your complaint through the App. We will try and reply as soon as possible and we hope we will be able to solve the problem.

Are you unhappy with the solution to your complaint? Then you can go to the Belgian ombudsman, to which we are affiliated. You can find it on Ombudsfin is an ombudsman service for financial services. Its address is North Gate II, Koning Albert II Boulevard 8, box 2, 1000 Brussels. You can contact Ombudsfin by telephone on +32 2 545 77 70 or by sending an e-mail to

In addition, you have the right to submit a complaint to the contact point of the Directorate-General for Economic Inspections at the FPS Economy. You can find this contact point at

Governing law and competent jurisdiction

Disagree with one of the provisions in these terms and conditions? Do we have a conflict? Let’s try and solve it amicably by sitting down together and talking it out. If we still can’t find a solution then the court of the judicial district of Antwerp, Hasselt department, will have the sole competence to resolve this conflict. Take note that the use of the App is governed by Belgian law, but if you live outside Belgium, binding consumer law provisions may be applicable to you, too. We do however have every confidence that it will never get that far.


The clauses of these General Terms and Conditions are independent from one another. This means that if a clause or part of a clause of these General Terms and Conditions is declared void or unenforceable, the remainder of that clause and/or the other provisions of the General Terms and Conditions remain effective. They remain valid and enforceable.


There are times when we have to change the content of these terms and conditions. We might correct typing errors, sometimes we add things or change a number of terms and conditions. Our App is under continual development and is regularly updated, meaning that we sometimes also need to change the terms and conditions. The legislation also changes from time to time and we sometimes need to amend our General Terms and Conditions to that. 

If we add or change significant points, we will let you know.

What, you don’t like our new terms and conditions? That would be a shame, but there’s nothing else we can do but keep our terms and conditions as up-to-date as possible. All you can do is delete the App and not use it again.

End of our services

Have you died? No worries. Just send us a message and … oh, no, you can’t. We will automatically terminate the provision of our services if after 30 days you have still not responded to our request to renew the link to your bank account. The accumulated Rewards that have not been claimed will expire and remain our property.

Do you share a joint bank account with someone else who wants you to stop using Cake? Unfortunately, we do not have a rehab center, but we do have the right to cancel your account if the person with whom you share a joint bank account informs us that he or she does not (or no longer) agree that we process account information of a joint bank account, or if he or she requests us to restrict this processing. The cancellation of your account means that you will lose all unclaimed Rewards.

Furthermore, you retain the right to delete your Cake-account and no longer use it. That would be a shame, but we can still be friends. Do take into account that, when deleting your account, you lose all Rewards that haven’t been claimed.

We also have the right to fully or partially suspend our services and to permanently or temporarily stop the App, without being obliged to give you any form of compensation. We hope that time never comes, but then again, you can never say never. If we ever have to take that regrettable step, we will no longer be able to provide support. Then there’s a chance we won’t answer any questions, the App could stop working or we may delete it from the app store.

In any case, if we stop, it doesn’t mean we have to pay you damages. We will let you know at least one week in advance if we will be stopping. This gives you enough time to look for an alternative and to claim your Rewards.

Congrats! You’ve made it! 👏

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