10 reasons to make Cake your new banking app

By Sophie Docx
10 reasons to use the Cake banking app

A new banking app? Is that really necessary? That’s entirely up to you, but it can make your life a lot easier and you can even earn some extra cash with it. These are 10 reasons to make Cake your new budget buddy!

  1. One single app for all your bank accounts 
    Cake brings together all your existing bank accounts in a single app.👌 No need to change banks or open a new account. It doesn’t matter if you have a single bank account or 16 across many. To get an overview of all your income and spending, you only need to check one app from now on. Pretty handy, isn’t it? 
  1. Cake is independent
    Cake is a bank independent banking app. Not related to a specific bank, but completely neutral. So we don’t try to sell you extra banking products either. 😇 But you can link one or more accounts of almost every bank to the app. You simply use Cake alongside your other banking apps.
  1. Using Cake is … a piece of Cake!
    All you have to do is download the app and link one or more accounts to it in a few clicks. And you can start. 🍰
  1. It’s free
    Using the app is completely free of charge. In fact, you can even make money with it. Use an app for free and make some money with it. Wait a minute, is that possible? 🤔 Yes, you can. Continue reading.👇
  1. Extra pocket money on your bank account
    Cake, aka the profitable banking app. An active Cake user earns an average of €3 per month thanks to the Cake Rewards.💰 Rewards? These are, among other things, automatic cashbacks on certain purchases. Thanks to deals with awesome brands and companies. Automatic, that means without coupons or loyalty cards. Just money. On the bank account of your choice. That account must, of course, be linked to Cake. Yeah, indeed. 
  1. Even more cash, just like that
    As the icing on the … 😏 cake, 🎂 Cake also shares part of its monthly income (i.e. 12 times a year) with all users. This revenue comes from selling reports and statistics to companies to help them better understand what consumers are spending their money on. Of course, this happens completely anonymously, but because your data is processed in this, together with those of thousands of other Cake users, we think you should get something in return. Your share of the cake, so to speak. K-ching, some extra cash on that bank account without you having to do anything. If you want to read more about this, be sure to read this as well.
  1. You get a new budget buddy
    Getting a grip on your budget starts with getting a good overview. 📈 Before improving your finances you need to know and understand where your money is going. Makes sense, doesn’t it? And we will help you with that. Once your account is linked, the app will automatically analyse your income and spending for you. So you don’t have to keep track of anything yourself.
    First of all, you get a super clear overview of all your transactions. No more odd descriptions in your transaction overview. In Cake, every transaction immediately has the right merchant, logo, address and category. You can, if you wish, also modify all this information yourself.
  1. Cake makes you smarter
    We also give you more insight into your spending habits. Because the more you measure, the more you know … the smarter you become! 💡 Do I spend more on clothes or more on my home? How much do the children really cost me? How much did I save this month? And do I spend more at Delhaize than other Cake users? … Pressing questions to which Cake answers you at a glance. If you want to read more about this, you can do so here
  1. And it’s all safe and sound
    And that’s of course extremely important when it comes to your data! 🔐 Cake is an official payment institution licensed and supervised by the National Bank of Belgium. This means that the technology is just as secure as that of other European banking institutions. The Cake team will only have access to the information needed to develop and improve the app. The commercial partners only receive statistics based on completely anonymised data and we never share personal information with third parties. But Cake goes beyond that with transparency and clear communication. Feel free to read the privacy policy and general terms and conditions. They are astonishingly clearly written, without any small print. 
  1. You can always stop using Cake if you want to
    Every Cake user can delete his account and all data at any time.✋ Quitting is as easy as starting. Click, click and ready.
    But the chance that you want to quit is small. We can already tell you that.😜

Thanks to the Cake banking app you will get a grip on your finances and even earn some extra cash. What are you waiting for? Just download Cake, the profitable banking app.

🚀 Did you know Cake was awarded Belgian Startup company of the Year? 🥳
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