5 things about Cake Rewards you probably don’t know yet

By Davy Kestens

Rewards, that’s the name for all payments Cake makes to the users of the Cake app. Here are 5 things about Cake Rewards you probably don’t know yet!

Cake Rewards, that’s the name for all payments Cake makes to the users of the Cake app. That’s why Cake is the profitable banking app!

Whether you are a loyal Cake user or haven’t installed the app yet, here are 5 things about the Cake Rewards you probably don’t know yet!

  1. A total of 46,554 Cake Rewards have already been paid out to users of the app. Together they account for almost €130,000.
    A Cake user earns an average of €3 per month thanks to the Cake Rewards.
  1. Every active Cake user receives a share of the revenues of Cake on the first working day of each month.
    That amount is different every month because our income is not the same every month. That makes sense. This month we paid each active Cake user €1,86. All you have to do is use the app. This means that you have linked a bank account where at least one amount was deposited that month and with which more than 5 expenses were made.
  1. There are Rewards that you can earn by making certain purchases. 
    In your app you can check which Reward offers are available for you at that time. To make use of them you only have to pay with a bank account linked to Cake. The discount will be automatically refunded to your account.💰 That’s what we call a cashback.
    In total we work with over 30 partners including Lukoil, Torfs, AVA, Foodmaker and Maxi Zoo.
    Telenet had already the largest number of Rewards up until now.
  1. Not every Cake user gets to see the same Rewards in the app. These are personal and tailored to your purchasing behaviour.
    Our partners decide for themselves what the conditions are for enjoying a cashback discount. 
    Deliveroo, for example, has decided that they want to attract new customers with a discount. If you have never ordered through Deliveroo before you will see the cashback offer in your app. On the other hand, if you ordered through Deliveroo every week in the past month then you won’t see the cashback discount.
    Another example: Lukoil rewards new customers with a discount, but also existing customers get a cashback every time they buy fuel.
    Brands and companies use Cake as a platform to reach new customers or just to reward loyal customers. Thats up to them.
  1. When you click on the small Cake logo on the home screen of the Cake app, you can check at any time how many Rewards you have already earned. To get your Rewards paid the first time on your bank account, you need to go through a few simple steps in the app. You can read how to do that here. From then on you will receive all future Rewards directly into your bank account as soon as you have collected at least €1. So you don’t have to do anything yourself to receive them. Piece of Cake!

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