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By Sophie Docx
Using Cake - Kevin

Kevin and his family have been using the Cake banking app for a while now. He swapped his Excel budget file for Cake. And he doesn’t regret it. Discover his whole story.

Kevin explains why he decided to use the Cake banking app. He swapped his Excel budget file for Cake. And he doesn’t regret it!

  • Name: Kevin
  • Age: 32
  • Hometown: Berlaar, Belgium
  • Family members: Kevin, Nikki and Fil (1)
  • Using Cake since: connecting Argenta accounts is possible
  • Profession: Freelance SEO specialist
  • Hobbies: Blogging, indoor soccer, gaming, trying out new recipes and supporting Arsenal

When did you start using Cake?

I installed Cake early this year, as soon as the app was available in the Play Store. But because I have an Argenta account and the connection with Argenta wasn’t possible yet at that time, I had to be patient. Thankfully, that is now completely solved!

Why did you start using Cake?

To get more insight into my finances. A few years ago I already started to put all my income and spending together in an Excel document. Which was very useful, but it was a lot of work to keep it all up to date. That is why I abandoned it after one year. In the Cake app this now happens pretty much automatically. 

Which is your favourite Cake feature?

All my banking transactions appear super clear and are immediately assigned to a category (housing, groceries, transport, etc.). And that’s exactly what I was looking for. I now get automatic overviews per spending category, per store, per month, … Sometimes I adjust something manually, but that’s rather uncommon.

What is the most surprising insight you have gained thanks to Cake?

That it is expensive to own a car. 😊

Which cost category does your family spend the most money on?

Currently to our housing loan. This is probably also an indirect consequence of the corona crisis. The crisis has seriously mixed up our spending pattern. Instead of flying to a foreign country, we went on a weekend trip in our own country, we bought less clothing and visited fewer restaurants.

How much have you already earned with the app?

That must be about €6. Which I got because every month Cake shares part of its income with the active users of that month. That’s not too high an amount, but still a good thing because I didn’t really have to do anything for it. I have a super handy app for my budget management and it also brings in a little extra money.

I did notice a lot of new offers in the app from Torfs, Foodbag and Deliveroo. So I think this amount will increase quickly from now on.

Why should other people use Cake as well?

You really do learn a lot about your spending pattern. This way you really realize how much you spend each month on what. This also makes it easier to see which high spending you can save on. 

And the Cake Rewards are a nice bonus!

What upcoming features of the app are you looking forward to?

Anonymously comparing income and spending with the average of other Cake users.

I would also find it useful if we could manually add cash spending and income. To make the financial picture even more complete. 

Any additional cherry on the cake?

Congratulations to the Cake team with the great app. The banking sector really needs this type of innovation! 😉

And congratulations with your award as Startup of the Year! 🚀

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