About Cake: Kim & Fabian

By Sophie Docx
Cake users Kim & Fabian

Thirty year old Kim and Fabian are Cake users from the very beginning. Looking for a solid free app to keep track of their spending, they discovered Cake. But the app also brought them an extra penny thanks to the Cake Rewards. Discover their whole story.

In the rural Belgian town of Hever we meet the enthusiastic couple Kim and Fabian. The thirty-somethings are Cake users and fans from the very beginning. 

  • Name: Kim & Fabian
  • Age: 30
  • Hometown: Hever, Belgium
  • Family members: Kim & Fabian
  • Using Cake since: October 2019, since the first beta tests
  • Profession: IT Consultants
  • Hobbies: Gaming, being fans of KV Oostende

When did you start using Cake?

We have both been using Cake since the very beginning! That must have been in October 2019. We were part of the group of beta testers who were able to try out the Cake app before it was launched publicly at the beginning of this year.

Why did you start using Cake?

For some time we had been looking for an app that could help us to give a better overview of our household spending and income. Most of the apps we found weren’t free or required you to enter your data manually. Knowing ourselves, we knew we weren’t going to maintain the manual input of data. So we kept looking.

One day Kim saw on twitter a message from Davy Kestens, founder and CEO of Cake. He was looking for beta testers for a new budget app he was developing. At first sight the Cake app looked quite good and in our opinion it had a lot of potential to become a useful tool to manage our budget in the long run.

Kim applied immediately. She was just using the app and husband Fabian was immediately convinced and also applied as a beta tester.

Which is your favourite Cake feature?

For us, that is the ability to manage different bank accounts, even from different banks, from one single app. This makes it easier to get a clear view of your total income and spending. The overview of how much we save and invest each month is also really useful!

Have you gained new insights thanks to Cake?

Yes, absolutely! Especially the difference in spending during the lockdown months of April and May was striking. It was remarkable how much less we spend on restaurants, but all the more on groceries. 

Which cost category does your family spend the most money on?

Our housing loan is the most important monthly expense. Food and drink come second and insurance comes third.

How much have you already earned with the app?

Together we already earned around €225. We didn’t really have to do that much to earn it. Just by connecting our bank accounts, we automatically receive a part of Cake’s revenue on a monthly basis. Because our data is processed anonymously in reports for companies, we receive a share of the cake. That amount varies each month, but until now it has always fluctuated between €1 and €3 per month. 

In addition, we have already made use of the automatic cashbacks. We already received a refund for purchases from Proximus, AVA and Maxi Zoo, among others.

With these 2 revenues together we easily earn back the costs of our bank account.

The largest part of that amount we received because Cake had done a fantastic action in the first few months. In the small print of the general terms and conditions there was a contest with which you could win 100 euro by sending in a selfie for a bank branch. Before we started using the app, we went through the terms and conditions thoroughly. We thought this was important because it is a banking app after all. Our surprise was great when it turned out that they were very clear and even nicely written, and as the icing on the cake we discovered a fun contest with which we could win 100 euro just like that.

Why should other people use Cake as well?

To conveniently look at their spending and see where they can save. It also makes it easier to spot hidden costs such as current subscriptions.    

What upcoming features of the app are you looking forward to?

The comparison of our own spending pattern with the average of other Cake users with a similar profile seems particularly interesting to us.

In the future you will also be able to use Cake to make certain payments. We are really looking forward to that. We also like the fact that all future developments of the app have been made public and that you, as a user, can give feedback or add your own ideas.

Any additional cherry on the cake?

A shoutout to everyone who is involved in building Cake. Because we were beta testers we had a lot of contact with the Cake team through the chat function in the app. And then you just notice that it’s a super motivated team that is always willing to listen to user feedback to make the app better. You notice that they really put the user at the centre of everything that is being developed.

Are you ready to download the Cake app? It’s available for Google Play and on the App Store.

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