A good start is half the battle won with these Cake Rewards

By Jelle Van Medegael
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It has begun. A new school year has started. These Cake cashback Rewards help you letting things run smoothly!

At Cake, we don’t just help you get smart insights into your income and spending. We also make your bank account profitable again thanks to Cake cashback Rewards.

A good beginning is half the battle won. Our ten newest Rewards make sure that things continue to run smoothly even after the start of a new school year.

How does this work, these Cake Rewards?
Well, that’s a piece of euh… cake of course.😏

🍰 Open your Cake app and find out which Reward offers are available for you as well as the terms and conditions. Not every Cake user gets to see the same Reward offers in the app. Rewards are always personalized and completely tailored to your purchasing habits!
🍰 Pay at the merchant with a bank account linked to Cake. Make this transaction with a regular bank card. We unfortunately can’t recognize transactions with credit card or Paypal yet.
🍰 The discount will then be automatically refunded to the bank account you paid with. That’s why it is called a cashback!

#1 Mealhero

Mealheroes are busy people who want to prepare food quickly without having to compromise quality or health. With the smart steamer included in your subscription, you can prepare more than 2,000 dishes within 20 minutes, without any effort. All you have to do is choose your meals, scan the ingredients and put them in the steamer. In addition, everything can be kept in the freezer for up to 6 months, so it always fits into your busy schedule. Ideal for people who want to serve healthy, high-quality food at home, at work or at school after a busy day. Order your box here and immediately enjoy a Cake Reward. Bon appetit!

#2 Viata

Autumn cold or a scratch from playing outside? No one wants it to happen to you, but it’s not an uncommon thing in September… so this is the perfect time to make sure your home pharmacy has everything! You don’t? Order your bandages and medicines at the online pharmacy Viata and they will be delivered to your home address the next office day. And the Cake Reward will help soothe the pain.

#3 BubblyDoo

What if after a long day of school you could read your child a story that would feature his or her favorite things, and where he or she even the protagonist is? It’s not a dream! BubblyDoo creates personalized child books for which you get to choose who plays in the story. Their books have over 50.000 personalization options! This start-up from Antwerp made the news multiple times and sold more than 10.000 books already. Is your child the next to get its own story?

#4 The Green Corner

Summer is coming to an end, which means trees and plants are starting to lose their leaves and flowers. You’ll have to wait for another 6 six months before you can brighten up your day with green plants and flowers again. Or don’t you? The Green Corner lets you bring your garden inside, even during fall or winter. In their webshop you’ll find an extensive range of plants to turn your house into an oasis of green. And your Cake Reward makes your bank account a bit greener!

#5 Relaxy

Want to recharge your batteries one more time before you go back at it? Or looking for some time off after the first weeks of the new school year? Relaxy is here for you! On their website you’ll find the most beautiful sauna’s, wellnesses and massage salons of Flanders. And as a Cake user you get treated with a cashback Reward when you book via Relaxy!

#6 JustBite

Something that can’t be missing from the school pack is a bite to eat during playtime. But most snacks aren’t very healthy. What if you could give your child a snack that is 100% natural, nutritious and tasty? Just bite! They even have a box specially designed for families with children. And the Cake Reward that comes with it is healthy for your bank account!

#7 ZEB

Hopefully by now you feel reborn after a good holiday, and what better way to strengthen this feeling than with a new outfit? Make an impression at work and/or at the school gates with a few new additions for the autumn season. In ZEB’s collection you will always find something that fits, along with a Cake Reward! Start your search in one of the many ZEB shops or from the comfort of your own home in their online store.

#8 ZEB for Stars

The clothes do not only make the man or woman, but also the child. And your little stars deserve the best! This is why ZEB has created a separate brand for children up to 16 years of age, where you can find everything for your sons and daughters. The collection features quality clothing brands for at home, at school or at parties. ZEB for Stars makes your children shine! Shop online or in one of the shops and enjoy a Cake cashback Reward.

#9 Babydrogist

Even though the very youngest may not be going to school yet, that doesn’t mean we haven’t foreseen anything for them. Babydrogist specialises in products for the care of your baby. Their products range from nappies and ointments to bottles and baby toys. You can even find a baby gift at Babydrogist! Everything can be ordered in their webshop and will be delivered at home within a few days. It’s a piece of cake!

#10 Into Graphics

Fortunately, not everyone has to go back to school in September. That doesn’t mean you don’t deserve an upgrade for your workplace. Into Graphics not only has the cutest postcards, but they also offer handy stuff to give your desk a boost. Special pens, notebooks, weekly planners… With the articles you find in the Into Graphics webshop and a 10% Cake Reward you’re ready to rock again!

💡Suppose you’ve made a purchase but you haven’t received your Reward.

Rewards are paid out automatically as soon as our system detects the payment appearing on your bank account, but very occasionally this can go wrong.😢

No worries! In that case, we will solve this for you!

You can easily request a missing Reward by clicking on your purchase transaction and simply scrolling down. There you can report your missing Reward.💰

We explain this step by step here.

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