Cake celebrates its first birthday

By Davy Kestens

Cake is celebrating its first birthday today! On January 31, 2020, the app was launched on Google Play and in the Appstore. A Cake year in numbers!

Cake is celebrating its first birthday today!

One year of Cake, that’s a lot of data that has passed through our systems to give you a clear understanding of your income and spending and to make your bank account profitable again.

One year of Cake in 12 number facts. One for each month we exist!

  1. There are already 45,200 Cake users of which a whopping 1,495 downloaded the app exactly one year ago, on the first day it was available. Like Jo, Kim and Fabian.
  1. There are 53 Cake users out there we know have the same birthday as us. Happy birthday to you!
  1. In total, we have already paid out 107,637 Cake Rewards to the users of the app. Those add up to a stunning €217,686. 
  1. There are already more than 60 retail chains or brands where you can earn Cake Rewards! And new ones are added every week!
  1. On average, a Cake user earns about €3 per month thanks to the Cake Rewards.
  1. We already analyzed 23,841,921 bank transactions for a total value of nearly 6 billion euros.
  1. Together, you already convinced 591 new Cake users to use the app thanks to the Share Cake and earn money action.
  1. Over the past year, Cake users spent an average of €335.24 per month on groceries and €150 on clothes (not counting children’s clothes).
  1. Carrefour is the most visited supermarket among Cake users. 83% of all Cake users made a purchase there in the past year. And the average amount per purchase was €29.
  1. Brico is the most popular DIY store. 48% of all Cake users went there to buy something last year.
  1. The most popular clothing chain among Cake users is H&M. An average purchase there was €39. Zalando, C&A, A.S. Adventure and JBC complete the top 5.
  2. For Electro, Cake users most often shop at Coolblue. An average purchase there last year amounted to €202.

Are you ready to download the Cake app? 

It’s available for Google Play and on the App Store.