Cake Rewards? These are our top picks of the moment!

By Ann-Sophie Van Camp

Thanks to Cake, you can enjoy automatic cashback Rewards that are immediately deposited into your bank account. This way, Cake Rewards will make your bank account profitable again. These are our top picks of the moment!

How that works is a piece of … uh cake. 😜

1. Check your app to discover what Reward offers are available for you. Not every Cake user will see the same Rewards in the app. Rewards are personal and fully customized to your purchase behavior!
2. Pay with a bank account linked to Cake.
3. The discount will be automatically refunded to the account you paid with. That’s what we call a cashback.

On to the top with these Rewards!

Clever meals

Do you already know Mealhero? It’s the meal service for amazingly busy people. With their clever steamer, they have reinvented healthy eating and saving time. Discover the cooking revolution together with a Cake Reward of no less than 20%.

Tea with Cake

Pure, unblended Ceylon tea, fresh from the garden and crafted with passion, by a company that values sustainability and ethics. That’s Dilmah Thee! Cake users enjoy a 10% cashback on their webshop order.

Top Eyewear

For glasses, sunglasses, lenses and hearing aids, Hans Anders is the place to be. You get the best service at all times for the best price. And on top of that you benefit from a Cake Reward of up to 10%! 

Boost your confidence 

Colorful, feminine, and stylish; Paprika offers you contemporary fashion that you can’t resist in size 42 to 54. Both in the 15 Paprika stores and in the webshop, Cake users can count on an extra cashback discount of 10%.

App to the top

Lokkal is a new online supermarket – call it a fresh market – with a focus on better, fresher and local food. And we love it! They buy directly from farmers, growers and producers from all over Belgium. Order via the Lokkal app with a Cake Reward of €10, and get everything delivered fresh at your doorstep.

Dispose the disposables

BRAUZZ wants to literally and metaphorically clean up the planet and keep it clean! And that starts with a clean household. How about one spray bottle with all the power of nature in it, endless refills, and no disposables? And with a Cake cashback Reward? Top right?

What stores or brands would you like to get a Reward in the Cake app? 

Let us know! 📬

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