Can we have a little extra this end of the year?

By Ann-Sophie Van Camp

Yes, please! With cashback reductions for all Cake users at E5, JBC, Torfs and Veritas, you’ll get the most out of your year-end shopping!

You already knew that we’re making your bank account profitable again thanks to the Cake Rewards. But did you know that we have an amazing number of cashback partners this end of the year?

At these partners, all users of the Cake app and all users of the Argenta app can enjoy cashbacks until the end of December! Pssst, first activate “Mooi Meegenomen van Cake” in your Argenta app. Read here how to do it.

🍰 Veritas

Veritas is the Belgian retail chain that always inspires you with a wide range of accessories, ideas and ingredients to make your own so that you can highlight your personality. Whether you choose hip or timeless, ready-to-wear or DIY, Veritas is here for you! And in December, everyone can count on a nice discount!

🍰 Torfs

A festive outfit is not complete without the icing on the cake: shoes from Torfs. You can visit one of the 70 stores or the webshop where you can choose from more than 10,000 pairs of different models. And all of this with a cashback discount on every purchase from 50 euros.


At JBC you are at the right place for a wide range of children’s clothing, fashion for men and women and accessories. Whether you’re planning a family outing or just want to cocoon at home, shop at one of the many JBC stores or 24/7 in the webshop! On all purchases from 60 euros you will receive a cashback discount.

🍰 e5

For more than 40 years, e5 has been much more than an average clothing store. It is a warm meeting place where there is room for personal contact and service. E5 wants to make you shine and help you feel good at any time of the day. The whole team is there for you, with knowledge and personal touch. And with a nice end-of-year discount on all purchases from 50 euros!

How does this work, these Cake Rewards? 

Well, that’s a piece of euh… cake of course.😏
🍰 Open your Cake app and find out which Reward offers are available for you as well as the terms and conditions.
🍰 Pay at the merchant with a bank account linked to Cake. Make this transaction with a regular bank card. We, unfortunately, can’t recognize transactions with credit card or Paypal yet.
🍰 The discount will then be automatically refunded to the bank account you paid with. That’s why it is called a cashback!

Open your Cake app en discover all our Reward offers! We have over 100 partners!