Create account groups for better insights

By Benoit Billington

You can now group your bank accounts in Cake to get an even better overview of your income and spending.
We’re happy to explain how this works exactly.

Cake helps you get a better grip on your income and spending. That’s why, among other things, we’ve developed a number of automated insights that will give you, at a glance, an overview of the categories and merchants where you spend the most money.

You can link several accounts from different banks to Cake.
Your private account, a joint account with your partner, an account for the children, a household account with your roommates, an account to finance that trip around the world, an account for unexpected expenses, a separate account to pay the costs of your renovation, the account of the korfball club… You can also link your savings and business accounts. 

You get the picture, things can get a little bit out of control with all these different accounts.🤯

It’s very convenient to have access to all these accounts from one app (Cake, that is 😜). But, if you don’t want to see all your income and spending in one big pile, it’s less convenient. Then it gets cluttered again. And that’s the last thing we want!


As of now, you can easily regroup all your bank accounts linked to Cake. And you’ll be able to see your income and spending for each group of accounts separately!

You might want to have your personal account expenses grouped with your joint account and travel account expenses. But maybe you’d rather have separate information for your business accounts and your kids’ account? 

From now on, you can regroup them as you wish!

This is how it works

Go to the Cake logo in the upper right corner of your app.

Then go to Create account group

If you have the Android version, you even get suggestions for groups you can create (Shared Accounts, Business Accounts, Kids Accounts). Or you can create your own custom group.

In the next screen 

  • choose a name for the created group
  • choose an icon to easily recognize the group (you can also create your own icon)
  • and select the bank accounts you want to group.

Then, just save and your account group is created! It’s a piece of cake! 🍰

You can create multiple groups. If you want, a group can also contain only one account. And a specific account can also be part of multiple groups. 

Now, when you return to the main screen of your Cake application, you can easily toggle between the different account groups in the upper right corner. Whether it’s the home screen or the insights, they will only appear for the account group you selected in the top right.

You can now group your bank accounts in Cake to get an even better overview of your income and spending.
We’re happy to explain how this works exactly.

What’s next?

Since the launch of the Cake app at the beginning of last year, we are constantly working on improvements and new features. We keep busy!

We are actively working on improving the automated budget insights. Get a preview here.

Would you like to keep track of new features coming or do you have an idea or suggestion of your own? Then take a look at our open roadmap

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