Get healthy for summer with these Rewards

By Ann-Sophie Van Camp

These are the 10 most healthy cashback Rewards of the moment!

At Cake, we don’t just help you get smart insights into your income and spending. We also make your bank account profitable again thanks to Cake cashback Rewards. With these 10 Rewards, you’ll be heading healthy into the summer!

And the cashback Reward, that’s extra pocket money for your vacation!

How does this work, these Cake Rewards?
Well, that’s a piece of euh… cake of course.😏

🍰 Open your Cake app and find out which Reward offers are available for you as well as the terms and conditions. Not every Cake user gets to see the same Reward offers in the app. Rewards are always personalized and completely tailored to your purchasing habits!
🍰 Pay at the merchant with a bank account linked to Cake. Make this transaction with a regular bank card. We unfortunately can’t recognize transactions with credit card or Paypal yet.
🍰 The discount will then be automatically refunded to the bank account you paid with. That’s why it is called a cashback!

#1 Foodmaker

Foodmaker, that’s straight from the field to your plate. Or in your “Dagelijkse kost” meal box. Whether you order in the webshop or in one of the Foodmaker restaurants, ultra-fresh and healthy food is the common thread. With ingredients that come as much as possible from their own organic fields. Always with a Cake cashback Reward!

#2 Ekomenu

Ekomenu’s sustainable meal boxes help you eat delicious and healthy. Organic, with fresh ingredients and tailored to your lifestyle. All recipes contain lots of fresh vegetables and were created by the Belgian top chef Frank Fol and dieticians. Try Ekomenu for the first time now with 10% cashback discount.

#3 Lokkal

Lokkal is a new online supermarket – call it a fresh market – with a focus on better, fresher and local food. Purchases are made straight from the farmer, grower or producer. Without detours. Order via the Lokkal app with a Cake Reward discount of €10, and get everything delivered fresh at your doorstep.

#4 JustBite

With more than 250 different healthy snacks from over 60 brands, JustBite wants to help you snack more healthily and responsibly. Choose for instance the Kids & Family box or the Sport box. Ideal for going on vacation! You get a subscription without obligation. You can adjust, pause or stop at any time.

#5 Kriket

Whut – crickets? Why? The question is rather, why not. After all, they are packed with natural antioxidants, protein, fiber, vitamin B12, iron and zinc. And they are delicious! At Kriket you can buy bars, snacks and granola made from crickets. You will also find them in the JustBite box.👆

#6 Brauzz

Cleaning, but then really clean. That’ s BRAUZZ. With innovative cleaning products without disposable plastic and without harmful ingredients. You buy one bottle per product, and after that only refills. It is a fact that microplastics end up in our bodies through food and drink. And the consequences are disastrous. Healthier for you and better for your wallet! Especially with the cashback Reward up to €7.5.

#7 Just Russel

With Just Russel, you get personalized dog food delivered right at your doorstep. Just Russel believes that every dog deserves better than standardized products and unknown fillers. Healthier dogs are happier dogs and will make happy owners.

#8 BuddyBites

Is your dog a difficult eater? Do you want to surprise your puppy with tasty, healthy dog food? Have you been looking for a long time for dog food that is hypoallergenic, gluten-free, grain-free or just delicious and healthy… with no results? At BuddyBites you will find online dog food tailored to your dog.


You just had lunch, the effects of the coffee have worn off, and you have to fight to stay awake behind your computer screen. Familiar? This afternoon dip monster was the inspiration to brew QIQO. This soluble and natural energy drink based on guarana and mate is the solution for a healthy energy boost. Order in the webshop and get a cashback Reward.

#10 Dilmah

The Sri Lankan family-owned company Dilmah stands for quality, authenticity and variety in tea. Fresh, unblended tea is a hallmark of Dilmah, offering a unique taste of pure Ceylon tea, packaged at the source. Profits remain in Sri Lanka and are used to fund charities. Available for purchase online with a Cake Reward.

💡Suppose you’ve made a purchase but you haven’t received your Reward.

Rewards are paid out automatically as soon as our system detects the payment appearing on your bank account, but very occasionally this can go wrong.😢
No worries! In that case, we will solve this for you!
You can easily request a missing Reward by clicking on your purchase transaction and simply scrolling down. There you can report your missing Reward.💰
We explain this step by step here.

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