How to claim your Rewards?

By Pieter Schelfhout

You can earn Rewards by using Cake. As soon as you claim your Rewards we send the amount to your bank account.
Learn how to claim your Rewards.

As a Cake user, you not only benefit from the handy functionalities that make managing your money easier every day. The app also makes you money and will make your bank account profitable again. You can earn money thanks to the Cake Rewards!

Different type of Rewards

There are 2 types of Rewards:

1. Rewards announced in your app 💬

If you click on the Rewards icon (gift box) in the bottom right of your Cake app you will get an overview of all the Reward offers available to you. These are always personalized and tailored to your purchase behavior.

When you click on an offer in the Rewards overview, you will see all the details and conditions.

If you then make a payment, according to a Reward offer in your app (with a bank account linked to Cake), you will automatically receive the cashback Reward deposited back into your account.

2. Monthly data-Rewards 🎁

This is a monthly Reward you get because your anonymized transaction data is processed and turned into a statistic or insight purchased by Cake’s commercial partners.

Our automated software processes anonymized account information and turns it into statistical data.📊 Many companies are interested in this statistical data in order to make important strategic decisions. These companies are what we call our commercial partners.

Cake gets its income from these commercial partners.💰 We share 50% of this monthly revenue with all active Cake users of the month concerned. Just because we think you deserve your share of the Cake! 🍰

So when are you considered an active user for the respective month? Well, you need to meet 3 simple criteria👇

  • Have at least one unique IBAN bank account connected to Cake
  • Have received 1 income on that bank account for that month
  • Have at least 6 shopping/payment expenses on that bank account for that month (transactions between individuals are excluded)

Overview of your Rewards

You can also always check the balance of your earned Rewards via the Rewards screen in the app. All you have to do is click on the amount at the top right. And then you will get a detailed overview.

Claiming your Rewards

As soon as you have gathered a Reward amount of at least €1 you can claim your Reward. 🎉 We will then deposit the amount directly to your bank account.

💡So keep in mind that the minimum amount needs to be €1 for each bank account before we will send the money to that respective bank account.

This €1 minimum has a technical reason. We are currently working on it and hope to remove this minimum as soon as possible. We know it is your money and you are entitled to receive it on your bank account regardless of the amount. 🙏

Claiming your Rewards only takes a few clicks in the app:

Step 1 👉 Push on the “Claim your Rewards” in the bottom right corner

Step 2 👉 Take a picture of your ID-card

The app will ask you to take a picture of the front- and backside of your ID card. This might seem a bit annoying but it is an obligation that the National Bank of Belgium imposes on payment institutions like Cake.

Step 3 👉 The money is yours

You will receive a payment from Cake on the same bank account that was used to do the initial payment to get the Reward or on your default bank account in case of the data-Reward.

We do our very best to get this done as speedily as possible, but we can’t guarantee it will show on your account the same working day.🚀 How fast your money gets to your bank account in fact largely depends on your bank.

All payments are made to users via Cake. The commercial partners get no access to the individual identity of the users.⛔

Once you have claimed your Rewards for the first time, you will receive all future Rewards from us straight away to your bank account (each time the €1 minimum is exceeded) and you don’t need to do anything else to get them. Piece of Cake!