About Cake: Krisztian

By Sophie Docx

Krisztian has been using the Cake app for six months now. In his search for a way to get a better overview of his income and spending, he found the Cake app. Bingo! Read his whole story here.

  • Name: Krisztian 
  • Age: 36
  • Hometown: Geel
  • Family members: Single
  • Using Cake since: October 2020
  • Profession: Finance administrator at law firm Raeymaekers, Ramon & Partners
  • Hobbies: piano, dance (latin) and fitness

When did you start using Cake?

I had downloaded the app over a year ago, but I didn’t really start using it until last October. If only I had done that earlier! 😀

Why did you start using Cake?

I was looking for an app to get a clear overview of my monthly income and spending.  

Some of the banking apps also offer several options to get an overview, but this is always per bank or per account. The Cake app allows you to link accounts from different banks so you can view all your income and spending from one independent app. I considered that a big advantage.

There also exist apps that promise to provide an overview but they require you to manually enter all your data. If you don’t enter your data regularly for a few days or weeks, you lose a lot of time to update the overview. With Cake this all happens automatically. You just need to link your accounts to the app and your overviews are automatically updated when income or spending happens on your account.  

So when I came across the Cake app in my search in the appstore, this was the ideal solution for me!

What is the most surprising budget insight you have gained thanks to Cake?

So far, the monthly insights into my income and spending have made me realize that I could actually save more.😊

Which cost category does your family spend the most money on?

To renting my house and to the cost of my car.

How much have you already earned with the app?

€9.18 to be exact! Thanks to the app, I also discovered some new stores that I never visited before, like AVA and Maxi Zoo.

Why should others use Cake too?

In my opinion, the Cake app is the ideal solution for anyone who would like to get a clear overview of income and spending, but is not familiar with economic aspects or has little time to keep track of everything themselves.

The Cake app is there for everyone. This is me, along with my mom and brother.

What upcoming features of the app are you looking forward to?

I would also like to be able to add the details of my savings accounts and my credit card to the app to make the overview even better.

Any additional cherry on the cake?

If Cake enters the stock market, let me know! 🙂 I really believe that there is a bright future for this Belgian start-up.

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