Pimp your holiday season with these Cake Rewards

By Sophie Docx
Cake Rewards

Thanks to Cake you can enjoy automatic cashback reductions that are deposited directly into your bank account. This is how the Cake Rewards make your bank account profitable again. These are the best Cake Rewards for this holiday season!

Thanks to Cake you can enjoy automatic cashback discounts that are deposited directly into your bank account. This is how the Cake Rewards make your bank account profitable again! 

How that works is a piece of … uh cake. 😜

1. Check your app to discover what Reward offers are available for you. Not every Cake user will see the same Rewards in the app. Rewards are personal and fully customized to your purchase behavior!
2. Pay with a bank account linked to Cake.
3. The discount will be automatically refunded to the account you paid with. That’s what we call a cashback.

With these Rewards you will boost your holiday season!


No Christmas tree yet? Say what? It’s solved in no time. Order your tree online at Tuincentrum and have it delivered to your home. All with a Cake Cashback Reward of 10%. That’s more money for gifts!


In these dark days, take some sunshine with a nice Italian wine. In Berevini’s webshop you will imagine yourself in an Italian vineyard. And thanks to Cake you get up to 10% refunded to your bank account.


Through the webshop of Wijndomein.be you can continue your journey around the world. Explore the range of wines from Argentina, Australia, Belgium, Chile, Germany, France, Hungary, Italy, Portugal, Spain and South Africa. With a 10% Cake Reward for new customers!

The Mocktail Club

Prefer to have fun without alcohol? That’ s possible with the first Belgian ready to serve mocktails! In no time you will put a festive mocktail on the table. Sisters Kaat and Marie built The Mocktail Club together. They work exclusively with natural ingredients and unrefined sugars. Color & flavours and crazy E numbers can’t be found in their products. They do have a Cake Reward of 10% though!


How about Mealhero’s fresh frozen food box? The Mealhero chefs create and prepare 30 varied meals every week. You can even choose each ingredient. You get a smart steamer that prepares each ingredient perfectly, just by pressing the start button. And all with a cashback Reward of no less than 20%! Speaking of a great end-of-year gift!

Xavies’ Granola

Enjoy a healthy and tasty breakfast with this limited edition Christmas Spice granola by Xavies’ with 10% discount. New Year’s Eve, a cozy evening with friends. We ask about each other’s intentions for the new year … the intention to live healthier and eat less sugars. That’s how the West-Flemish Xavie started her own granola brand a few years ago. Tip: make sure to check the gift boxes!

Double Dutch Drinks

You can find more delicious brews from talented sisters Joyce and Raissa in the Double Dutch webshop. They have won several awards with their premium mixers. Take your cocktails to the next level with the best tonic, ginger beer or other delicious brews! Discover the whole assortment with this exploration pack. And katsjing 10% immediately refunded to your bank account.

💡 Did you know that we have already paid out almost €168,000 Cake Rewards to Cake users? 🙌