Staying warm during autumn with these Cake Rewards

By Jelle Van Medegael

The days are shortening and growing colder, but fortunately the new Cake cashback discounts help keep your bank accounts warm during the autumn!

At Cake, we don’t just help you get smart insights into your income and spending. We also make your bank account profitable again thanks to Cake cashback Rewards. 

The wettest season of the year has begun, but our Cake Rewards will help keep you dry! From taking your pet for a walk in the woods and pampering him/her at home, to completing your stylish winter collection or just snuggling on the couch with your favorite Netflix series. This month, we have everything you need to take care of yourself and your loved ones!

Don’t forget that you need to have a bank account connected to Cake in order to get a cashback Reward and in order for us to be able to send you your Reward. Click here on your mobile phone to connect your bank account in a matter of minutes!

How does this work, these Cake Rewards?
Well, that’s a piece of euh… cake of course.😏

🍰 Open your Cake app and find out which Reward offers are available for you as well as the terms and conditions. Not every Cake user gets to see the same Reward offers in the app. Rewards are always personalized and completely tailored to your purchasing habits!
🍰 Pay at the merchant with a bank account linked to Cake. Make this transaction with a regular bank card. We, unfortunately, can’t recognize transactions with credit card or Paypal yet.
🍰 The discount will then be automatically refunded to the bank account you paid with. That’s why it is called a cashback!

#1 Workshop in a BOX

Autumn weather isn’t very appealing for most people. When it’s cold, wet, and dark outside, you’d much rather stay inside, right? But you still want to be able to do something with your friends or your kids, even when you’re inside. Workshop in a BOX delivers chocolate workshops at home in, you guessed it, a box! Just pick the kind of chocolate workshop you’d like (for kids or for adults, chocolate or truffles) and get ready to enjoy an afternoon of cooking, molding, messing around, and, most important of all, tasting! Order your Workshop in a BOX online and enjoy a Cake cashback Reward of 12%.

#2 BuddyBites

BuddyBites is to your pet what Deliveroo is to you. This way they don’t have to go outside when they want something to eat either, right? BuddyBites makes personalized dog food for adult dogs and puppies. By answering 10 questions about your pet, they are able to create a unique recipe for your dog, with a customized composition and personalized portions. You can even add toys or biscuits to the package, and everything will be delivered to your home within 1 to 3 business days!

#3 Mais Oui

It is unfortunate but inevitable, your summer dresses have to go back into the closet! A new season also requires a new set of clothes. You probably still have some hanging around in your wardrobe, but it’s always nice to add something new to your collection. Mais Oui is just the thing for you! Jumpers, jeans, jackets or even shoes and scarves, you can find it all in their shop and webshop. And even if you don’t need anything for yourself, you can still buy a nice Mais Oui gift voucher for your (girl)friend, sister or mum! With the Cake Reward of 10%, it’s a win-win.

#4 Brauzz

Children playing outside, dirty shoes coming in again after a walk in the woods,… In autumn, your house (and clothes) get dirty faster. At the same time, you are inside more often, so you want it to be clean. But did you know that most cleaning products are pretty bad for the environment? Not only do they use a lot of plastic for packaging, but the products themselves often contain harmful substances as well. Brauzz solves that! Their reusable bottles and sustainable products not only make your home and clothes smell good, they also do their bit to reduce your carbon footprint. You can order everything online in their webshop!

#5 Crimibox

During these cold autumn evenings you have probably devoured a fair number of series and films already. Do you love detective films and true crime series too? Then you can now put your experience to the test with a murder case delivered to your home by Crimibox! You can choose between an analog case, where your evidence is delivered by mail, or a digital case, which you can solve entirely online. Gather your fellow detectives and your magnifying glass, or order a gift voucher to give one of your friends a criminal surprise! With a 10% Cake Reward, you are already on the right track.

#6 The Park Playground

Maybe you’re not a home-schooled detective, or you’ve already unmasked the culprit and are looking for some more adrenaline? Then The Park Playground is the place to be! The Park has a wide range of VR experiences you can play at one of their 12 locations. Shooting zombies with your friends, unmasking the Mole, dismantling a bomb or freeing K3 has never been so intense! From the moment you put on your VR headset to the final completion of your adventure, you are immersed in a thrilling, action-packed adventure. We’ll give you a breathtaking 15% cashback!

#7 Les Soeurs

Of course, a new season demands a new outfit to match, and Les Soeurs is just the place for it! In shops all over Belgium, they offer trendy women’s clothing, jewellery and accessories. And your Cake cashback Reward is not only valid in all the shops, you can also enjoy a unique advantage on the website!

#8 Ekomenu

In autumn and in winter, it is important to get enough vitamins to keep you healthy. And that’s exactly the specialty of Ekomenu! Every Monday and Friday, they bring you the ingredients to put healthy dishes on the table quickly and easily. You choose the recipes that appeal to you, and they make sure you get everything you need to make it. You can choose from 20 recipes, half of which are vegetarian and vegan. And a 10% Cake Reward as a healthy dessert on top!

#9 Berevini

The end-of-year holidays are approaching, so your wine cellar needs to be filled! BereVini is an online wine merchant that specialises in Italian wines. In addition to the webshop, where you can find hundreds of bottles of wine, their website also contains many tips and articles about which wines go well with certain dishes. Ideal for both seasoned wine lovers and novice tasters! Of course, you can also go for a gift voucher, if you can please someone with a nice bottle and your bank account likes a Cake Reward!

💡Suppose you’ve made a purchase but you haven’t received your Reward.

Rewards are paid out automatically as soon as our system detects the payment appearing on your bank account, but very occasionally this can go wrong.😢

No worries! In that case, we will solve this for you!

You can easily request a missing Reward by clicking on your purchase transaction and simply scrolling down. There you can report your missing Reward.💰

We explain this step by step here.

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