Relaxing summer months with these Cake Rewards

By Jelle Van Medegael

Enjoy a relaxing summer vacation with the latest Cake cashback discounts!

At Cake, we don’t just help you get smart insights into your income and spending. We also make your bank account profitable again thanks to Cake cashback Rewards.

With these 10 Rewards, you’ll be able to enjoy summer to the fullest, and your bank account will stay nice and warm!

How does this work, these Cake Rewards?
Well, that’s a piece of euh… cake of course.😏

🍰 Open your Cake app and find out which Reward offers are available for you as well as the terms and conditions. Not every Cake user gets to see the same Reward offers in the app. Rewards are always personalized and completely tailored to your purchasing habits!
🍰 Pay at the merchant with a bank account linked to Cake. Make this transaction with a regular bank card. We unfortunately can’t recognize transactions with credit card or Paypal yet.
🍰 The discount will then be automatically refunded to the bank account you paid with. That’s why it is called a cashback!

#1 Sip Surprise

Founded by 2 Belgian wine lovers, this is the ideal summer gift. Sip Surprise is a bottle of wine or champagne wrapped in an original, reusable tube. A birthday or a simple BBQ with friends where you do not want to arrive empty-handed? Choose your bottle and packaging in the webshop and enjoy a delicious glass of wine and a Cake Cashback Reward!

#2 Ter Dolen

Ter Dolen Castle Brewery in Houthalen-Helchteren allows you to enjoy summer in a variety of ways. From visiting the brewery to a drink on the terrace, stocking up on some great Belgian beer for home or a rather active afternoon in the escape room, there is something for everyone! And best of all? Your Cake cashback Reward applies to all of these options!


Home is where my plants are. And in summer, fingers soon begin to itch to start working in the garden! What better way than with a garden center that delivers at home? At you’ll find everything you need to make your garden look even more beautiful. And your bank account will shine too, with that Cake cashback Reward!


After a day of hard work in the garden, there is nothing better than to enjoy the result with an exquisite glass of wine. And you can do all of this without having to go out of your house! has more than 50 wines available in their webshop, and with the Cake cashback Reward, you can enjoy delicious wines at a great price!

#5 Vakantieveilingen

Of course, summer wouldn’t be summer without vacation. A week at the beach, a wellness weekend or just a day at an amusement park? At Vakantieveilingen you will find the best deals to get away from it all! Even if you prefer to stay at home, Vakantieveilingen has everything you need to make your home life even more enjoyable.

#6 Kiss My

Two West Flemish brothers making vermouth according to their grandparents’ recipe. That was the beginning of Kiss My, an aperitif that is now used in several top Belgian restaurants and bars. With the recipes on their website and the aperitifs in the webshop, you have everything you need to transform your home into a summer bar, for yourself or your guests. More fun and cheaper, especially with a Cake Reward of 10%!

#7 Les Soeurs

Summer calls for a matching outfit, and Les Soeurs is the place to be! In their stores spread all over Belgium, they offer trendy women’s clothing, jewelry and accessories. And your Cake cashback Reward is not only valid in all the stores, you can also enjoy a unique advantage on the website!

#8 Odette Lunettes

Glasses are important to keep an eye out for summer weather. Odette Lunettes is a Belgian eyewear brand founded by Eline De Munck. With their Allure and Voyeur collections, they give their customers the choice between modern, stylish models and some more daring eyewear. No worries, your Cake Reward of 10% (max €25 Reward) is valid on all models!

#9 Mamzel

Mamzel’s “Happymakers” bring positive power, sunshine and joy into your home. What are Happymakers, you might ask? You can see them here! They are small (or slightly less small) accessories that brighten up your home or your life. Happymakers can also make other people happy, so as a summer gift, they are great! With your Cake Reward, you can get a bit of sunshine at Mamzel and keep your wallet happy.

#10 Relaxy

Relaxy is the superlative of relaxation. Their saunas, wellness and massage centers are among the finest in Flanders. On their website you have access to hundreds of facilities, and can easily choose the one that suits you best. Last-minute wellness weekend or a blissful trip for the second half of the summer? As a Cake user, you’ll receive a discount coupon when you book through Relaxy!

💡Suppose you’ve made a purchase but you haven’t received your Reward.

Rewards are paid out automatically as soon as our system detects the payment appearing on your bank account, but very occasionally this can go wrong.😢

No worries! In that case, we will solve this for you!

You can easily request a missing Reward by clicking on your purchase transaction and simply scrolling down. There you can report your missing Reward.💰

We explain this step by step here.

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