The best 10 gift ideas for Father’s Day

By Sophie Docx
Father's Day

At Cake, we don’t just help you better manage your budget and make your bank account profitable again. We’re also here to help you find the perfect Father’s Day gift! Here are our 10 best tips!

Sunday, June 13 is Father’s Day. Cake to the rescue for your gift blackout! And the cashback Reward on all these gifts? That one is for your bank account! 💰

#1 Make it stick 

How about a set of personalized stickers of your dad’s dog, cat, hamster, axolotl or pony? Just upload a photo at Sticker Pet and you’re done! Doesn’t your dad have a pet? It works great with a picture of yourself, too. 😎

#2 Add a card?

Well yes! This one for example. In the webshop of Into graphics you will surely find one that completely suits your dad. And while you’re there, also for your sweetheart’s birthday, your uncle’s retirement, the neighbor’s baby or, why not, just for the heck of it. ❤️

#3 Daddy Sherlock

In 1999, a professor was murdered. His murder was never solved. What does it have to do with the horror that is now unfolding? Give your dad a Crimibox and find out if he can end the horror! Each Crimibox contains a real-life paper police file, evidence, and a mysterious envelope with exciting clues to dig out together online. 

#4 Sweet daddy

Is your daddy sweet? Thanks to Smartphoto, every dad is sweet from now on. Personalized Belgian chocolate and loads of other photo ideas can be found at Smartphoto.

#5 DIY dad

Or is your dad a real DIY enthusiast? Then drop by Hubo or the Hubo webshop. You are guaranteed to get plenty of inspiration. With a Cake cashback Reward of no less than 10 percent!

#6 Time for Torfs

A new wallet, a manbag, socks, belts, boxer shorts, … You can find it all in the online shop of Torfs. With a Cake Reward up to €7.50.  

#7 Hero on socks

Is your dad a hero? Then there is nothing more appropriate than to treat him with a set of colorful socks from Hero on Socks. All socks are made sustainably and support a good cause. 

#8 Puzzle it out

Is it a puzzle, is it a work of art? It is Puzzle in a Bag! Puzzle in a Bag! And it’s both, a puzzle, and created by renowned Ghent artist Musketon. If you pre-order the puzzle now, you’ll have it at home by Father’s Day.

#9 Box full of crickets?

Whut – crickets? Why? The question is rather, why not. After all, they are bursting with natural antioxidants, protein, fiber, vitamin B12, iron and zinc. And they are delicious! At Kriket you can buy bars, snacks and granola made from crickets. 🦗

#10 Playtime

How about this classic among board games: The Colonists of Catan. Fun for everyone aged 10 and up. So probably also for your daddy! Give as a present and play together immediately. For sale at ToyChamp, with a Cake cashback Reward.

And, hugs to your daddy from us! And, pssst, tell him to start using Cake too … then you can collect an extra Reward yourself! 😅

You can get a Cake Reward on all of these gift ideas.
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