The greatest Cake Rewards of the moment

By Sophie Docx
Cake cashback Rewards

Thanks to Cake you can enjoy automatic cashback reductions that are deposited directly into your bank account. This is how the Cake Rewards make your bank account profitable again. These are the greatest Cake Rewards of the moment!

How that works is a piece of … uh cake. 😜

1. Check your app to discover what Reward offers are available for you. Not every Cake user will see the same Rewards in the app. Rewards are personal and fully customized to your purchase behavior!
2. Pay with a bank account linked to Cake.
3. The discount will be automatically refunded to the account you paid with. That’s what we call a cashback.

These Rewards will make your bank account profitable in no time! 

Pay a whole lot less for your fill-up 

Want to fill up for less? Thanks to Lukoil and Cake you can! For the best prices in the Benelux you have to visit Lukoil. If you pay with a bank account linked to Cake, you will receive an additional cashback Reward for every filling up from €30.

Welcome spring, welcome sunglasses

Is that first ray of spring sunshine making you long for summer? With a new pair of Odette Lunettes sunglasses, you’ll be ready for it! And now you can buy them with a Cake cashback Reward up to € 25! 😎 You can get it in the flagship store in Antwerp or via the webshop

Tournée minérale

Keep up with Tournée minérale? Piece of cake with the first Belgian ready to serve mocktails from The Mocktail Club. With only natural ingredients and unrefined sugars. And without colorants, flavorings, and crazy E numbers. With a Cake Reward of 10%!


Bubblywhat? BubblyDoo, these are personalized books for children up to 8 years old. Choose a book and give your child, grandchild, godchild, … the lead role! You can personalize just about anything, from the preface to the skin color! With a Cake cashback Reward of 15%. 


Say what? KRIKET is a delicious snack. An irresistible mix of nuts, grains, seeds and, yes … crickets, 100% sourced in Brussels. Cricket flour is an extremely sustainable source of highest-quality proteins, produced at a circular cricket farm in the heart of Brussels. With a Cake cashback Reward of no less than 25%!

Hello, is it cards you’re looking for?

Into Graphics,  that’s the funniest greeting cards. We are already fans of this one. It’s okay to just send them to yourself too! 😁 With 10% Cake Reward discount for all orders in the webshop.

💡Did you know that Cake has by now paid out over €240,000 in Cake Rewards to its users? That’s how we make bank accounts profitable again! 🙌